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    Agreed Mr Ffin,obviously its not the same as a doctor or dentist and you do require the skills for the job, but surely there must be a local firm who can undertake the branding / design work and possibly incorporate the students of the area.



    Wrexham Councils history on branding projects is not good. Under the leadership of the previous Chief Executive a project was designed ‘Brand Wrexham’. A group of various representatives from the area — Barry Jones Editor of Wrexham Leader, Glyndwr, Yale College , Business sector came together under the direction of a team of design and brand consultants who were being paid aprox £24k — this turned out to be for a ‘concept’ as like most consultants they never give you fully what you want they always want secondary contract- second one was for aprox £16k to come up with logos and other designs.

    What happened was Council decoded they did not like the proposals and yet another report was buried under the carpet.

    Questions were asked by the members of the group and the only answer was ‘We didn’t like what they produced so we are now going to do it ourselves.’


    The Monitor

    We have a brilliant group of artists and designers in Coleg Cambria and Glyndwr why not use our own home grown talent and give them a financial prize towards their studies.

    Excellent suggestion. It would produce good results too, from an enthusiastic group of creatives.


    Loan Y Ffin makes a valid observation. This will be a big job. Branding is about more than coming up with a slick name but it is about determining what sense of identity those who create the brand are trying to get across. It would be helpful if the Council actually decided what Brand Wrexham is about as well before the Hub issue is looked at. Given that Wrexham is no longer what you would define as a “Market” town it might be helpful to try and decide what sense of identity the town is trying to move towards. That itself will be tricky but I would suggest that Brand Wrexham needs to concentrate more on positioning itself as a handy convenient Anglo-Welsh Border town with a broad mixture of heritage and retail offer than anything too “clever”. The Arts Hub will work best if it dovetails in with the Market (which it will co-habit with) and the rest of the town (that it needs to complement). If those charged with organising it concentrate on Arts produce for the Market place (Art/Craft/Pottery/Jewelry/Clothing/etc) for sale, the Brand concept will follow much more easily



    It should have something connected to the name the council do as they want not what people of the town want. All the empty shops and the zombies around and the luvvie council want an arts hub for the few. WAKE UP , the town is a complete and utter turn off for most people , it is dead do something before it gets buried and all the councillors can then sit in their ivory tower looking onto the graveyard that once was a thriving town.



    oh lets all blame the Council & staff yet again; this situation has occurred over 30 years when Wrexham was a market town;
    lets have a guess who ran the Council for nearly all that time.

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