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    Is that essential? What will it achieve ? Does it actually put more people at unnecessary risk? Postmen are already at risk going from going house to house. Most will probably not read it before putting it in the bin. Six million pounds would have supported our air ambulances or bought more protectective clothing for care workers and pharmacists. Sending a letter to everyone just seems inappropriate use of resources at this time .

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Letter isn’t needed because the people who will read it will all be watching the news anyway

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Waste of time and taxpayers money which should be spent on protective clothing for the NHS.
    I won’t be surprised if the letter contains a picture of Johnson in order to satisfy his ego.



    A £5.8m letter to every single household in the UK that is basically saying what is already being said on the news on TV, radio, social media and the newspapers. For those not living in a cave or in a coma – they will already be fully aware of the situation in hand.

    It will provide little comfort to the millions of self employed that the Tories championed with no work coming in that this letter was prioritised over giving them emergency money to put food on their family’s tables. Their money not coming until June.

    Also likewise to the front line NHS staff and other care and emergency services (and even supermarket workers) who are putting themselves at 100x exposure risk to the rest of us are who are holed up safely in our homes. They don’t have the adequate protective gear to allow them to continue working without falling ill and having to self isolate.

    With the borders closed and us unable to bring in more healthcare workers from overseas – these doctors and nurses are the only ones we have to protect the entire country until this all blows over.

    That’s a definite decent position to put the money into and not a bloody letter to every single house in Britain.

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