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    This has to be the height of hypocrisy. Just four days after the sale of alcohol was imposed in all pubs and restaurants throughout Wales, four MS politicians thought they’d get away with enjoying a few glasses of wine together in the Ty Hywel, Senedd Cymru premises.

    Licensed premises are losing a lot of money adhering to the ban, some have gone to the wall, and others will inevitably follow. Jobs have been lost. Shops are being hit with fines if they break the rules. Their explanations barely amount to an apology – “I’m sorry if my actions have given the impression…”. “We recognise that what was part of a day’s work would not be seen to be following the spirit of them…”. They are quick to point out that they have not broken Covid rules. Apparently the offence is committed by the catering company running the licensed premises, not the customers drinking alcohol. The Senedd Commission is to conduct an investigation. However, notwithstanding the outcome of that investigation, surely they have all committed the offence of aiding and abetting the offence committed by the catering company in serving them with drinks. Isn’t this is the purpose of that legislation? They should all be suspended pending the outcome of the investigations.

    One of them, Paul Davies, is Welsh Conservative Leader. With the position of seniority such as Leader, comes greater responsibility. And with greater responsibility comes greater accountability. He has aspirations of becoming Wales’s First Minister in a few months’ time. He should have put a stop to their impromptu boozy session before it started. He should have known better. He should now be removed from post.



    All 4 should be reprimanded by their respective Political Parties and have the Whip removed for at least a month which should come with a no wages for the period – hit them all hard in their pockets.
    Also the Senedd Management should also consider why they were still open? Did they in all honestly only serve 4 Senedd Members or is this the tip of the iceberg.


    Its one rule for us and one rule for them. I bet its only the tip of the iceberg and a lot more has been swept under the rug.

    - STAY AT HOME -


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    I see that Paul Davies, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Welsh Parliament, has resigned. I’m afraid he had to go, and it’s just a pity that his colleagues and the Senedd Commission were not more decisive earlier on and reached this conclusion themselves. This was not a petty case of someone having a pint just after time outside of Covid conditions. This happened on two separate occasions, took place in Senedd premises, and was just days after the Senedd passed laws banning the sale of alcohol for all pubs and restaurants in Wales. He was the party Leader, and with the Senedd elections due to be held on 6th May, his position was untenable.

    We now await the outcome of the investigation into the other 3 MS members who enjoyed the same drinks. I’m not suggesting they should all resign, that was the Leader’s fete, but there should be a fitting outcome to reflect the level of hypocrisy shown.

    The catering company involved are also answerable for being open for business in the first place, although I do hope the investigation (and the company) doesn’t seek to pass the blame onto the individual behind the bar.



    Were alcohol indeed purchased, which doesn’t appear to be the case, then it would be the responsibly of the licencee not a member of staff. The Senedd should also bear some responsibility.

    Credit due to them for resigning although they really had no option. It is a shame for something so petty as it appears to be custom & practice after a late night meeting to have a glass of wine or a beer with a heated up meal.

    It seems strange that it has taken all this time to become public knowledge. Would it be to take pressure off the FM for the slow rollout of vaccine by any chance?

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