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    May as well signal how Wrexham feels about it all then and whack up the old Elihu Yale pub sign.



    Lewis Hamilton is complaining that not enough F1 drivers were interested in showing support for this terrible crime, it all gets a bit virtuous,especially when he will take the money from the Chinese Grand Prix.


    If Black lives matter isn’t it appropriate for them to ‘practice what they preach’ before demonstrating in the UK – Black on Black knife crime in London and elsewhere perhaps! They don’t demonstrate about that ! Black lives matter but they visibly don’t matter to themselves….



    Looking at the crowds in London and Manchester just fills me with dread! I totally agree with why they are marching but to do this during a pandemic is crazy!



    Ioan y Ffin

    Jane J makes a valid point in that we managed to show our support for carers without all gathering close together in the same spot. Sadly no one has been that imaginative with the BLM campaign. Apart from Banksy.
    I am guessing the kneeling is connected to the US tradition of kneeling to the Stars and Stripes. Thankfully such genuflections have not been required here traditionally, though flag worship is increasing.
    Overall though, if people feel strongly about an issue, they have a right to protest and it is novel that those on the right are resorting to ‘health and safety’ to criticize the protests. A useful cover perhaps for their real reasons.



    Yesterday saw some of the most stupidest actions I have ever witnessed on the TV with the demonstrations across the world – supposedly in the name of George Floydd and racism.
    Yes we should ensure everyone has the right to demonstrate and get their voice heard but surely not at the expense of having people become ill with Covid.
    The close proximity of everyone at many of the demonstrations shows irresponsibility and sheer madness- as people become ill and die as a result of catching Covid at one of these events will there then be more demonstrations using those who have died as martyrs to the cause.
    There are ways of getting a message over and developing solidarity that do not involve endangerment of life.- this is nothing to do with Right or Left politics it is a fact.
    The NHS have got capacity back in the system but I really fear we will be seeing a surge in cases again in the next two weeks.
    No matter what you think of the Police – they were doing their job in many instances as calmly as possible yet often they had no face protection of any kind- that did not set an example and one that senior officers need to question their actions.
    This is not about hiding behind Health and Safety to try and prevent demonstrations but the reality of Covid and the way it transmits.
    If you know anyone who went to one of the demonstrations then for your own safety stay away from them for two weeks or you could be the next victim…

    George Floydd



    Even more puzzling is that the virus is more of a danger to BAME/ethnic minorities, so why on earth tens of thousands of them would gather in the UK for such events is mind-boggling!

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    If a person protests in Wrexham and Americans aren’t aware of it, will it make the slightest bit of difference …. same applies for the U.K. and the rest of the world.

    Never thought that an old b@stard like me would ever say this BUT wouldn’t social media be a better, more effective and longer standing platform? Same with home shopping. We use it to help shield ourselves. In the same way if I don’t want to get Covid in a protest I would do it on the internet.

    Too serious for a Sunday the sooner they open the pubs I can put me brain back in the box.

    Final thought but isn’t kneeling not very well thought out because of what the policeman did when he murdered the man? It’s like when they do a gun salute for American coppers shot in duty.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    I hope that the people who attended these demonstrations over the last few days care enough to self isolate for at least 14 days, in order to save the NHS & save lives including those BAME doctors & nurses who have been worst affected.

    The sad part is that the hard core of those people causing trouble are very likely the same activists at the centre of any protests including those at the demonstrations against lock down.



    Agree zinger, those people would join a demo for the right to stick a pineapple up their backside if they thought they could use it to cause trouble.

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