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    Llayby lilly

    is it safe and sensible to have a peaceful protest at this time, when social distancing at such events is difficult to manage and maintain?






    When did the UK become the 51st state in some people’s head?



    “When did the UK become the 51st state in some people’s head?”

    It’s a long tradition espoused by Conservative leaders and those who vote for them.

    I think it began when Margaret Thatcher went kissing up to Ronald Reagan in their mutual lust for neo-liberal politics, under which ‘greed is good.’ This servile ‘special relationship’ has been like this for some time.

    But that’s enough about the short-comings of rightists, I support the ‘Black lives matter’ sentiment and protests. Just try to social distance, wear masks and be wary of hand-to-face virus transfer.

    Many of us have had enough of black people being brutalised by a minority of racist cops.


    Llayby lilly

    …I agree its not safe and should not be allowed to take place.

    It is also wholly inappropriate for the police to bow on one knee, I thought the police were meant to be politically neutral in all matters…!




    FAO Anybody who attends this:

    Please DO NOT admit yourself to hospital some 2 weeks later if you develop symptoms.
    If you’re stupid enough to attend this event in the midst of the current global crisis, please do the decent thing and let natural selection proceed, we’re already dealing with enough at the Maelor as it is.

    Thank you.


    Captain C

    TimRegency this about the brutality of the usa cops against black people and not the Tory party just because you lean to the left.

    On the other points, no I do not think we should put everyone at risk and undo all the good work the people of Britain have achieved over the last 3 months, so no way should we condone mass meetings in public places.



    Hi Captain C.

    I agree, but I was replying to Andy’s point about the 51st state. His point was both wrong and, as you say, irrelevant.



    We are already running at a high infection rate here in North Wales yet the organisers of these events are totally disregarding common sense- why cant people stand up for Black people by having something similar to the Thursday Clap for Health workers.
    We are bound to get to a point where everyone needs to look closely over the next week at who they are in contact with who has been to a mass gathering and give them a wide berth.

    I do support the need to show solidarity but time and place needs to be right. Saturday is wrong time and wrong place.



    Didn’t see anyone taking this much interest in Justine Damond.

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