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    Ioan y Ffin

    The Welsh Government ought to produce an updated set of designs for traffic signs for Wales so instead of having more and more, bigger and bigger signs telling drivers what to do in two languages, we have signs that are symbols where the vital information is conveyed speedily to the driver in a visual language that is universally understood.



    Surely the fact that the Highway Code applies across England, Wales & Scotland means that there is no leeway in terms of altering the imagery of the signs themselves as they all need to look identical across the 3 mainland British Countries.

    I like Welsh signage and it’s a great part of our country’s culture and heritage. However, at no point should road user safety be put at risk over bickering & squabbling over language semantics. It will be very interesting to se me what solution is come up with to keep everyone happy.



    My feeling is that safety signage should be in a different colour for each language to make it less confusing.

    Place name & street signs in Welsh only.



    0.1 percent of Welsh residents speak no English, 75% speak no Welsh, visitors naturally have no Welsh. Road safety is more important than language heritage and road signs should be exempt from the language regulations.



    And this one from the Rhos..



    As 25 percent of Wrexham people are poles it should not be just English and Welsh.These people have rights!



    About the Welsh language thing. Whilst getting some cash out of a machine at Tesco i was, as usual, asked if i wanted Welsh or English so i, of course, went for the English button whereupon i noticed the button itself was quite worn, this prompted me to look at the Welsh selection button which was, upon inspection, quite pristine. I checked the other machines and they were the same. Telling is it not that very few, it would appear, select Welsh.
    If the Welsh people are happy with the Welsh assembly spending millions on propping up the Welsh language and at the same time forcing councils to do the same whilst the vast majority of the population speak English then fair enough it’s their tax money but, at the same time should not complain about cuts to vital services due to lack of money.



    Polish people have lived in Wrexham/Wales for years & integrate without problem.

    The English language evolved over many centuries & included smatterings of Welsh, German, French, Arabic etc. which is why it is one of the most used languages in the world.

    But this is Wales. Hence none safety street & place name signage should be in Welsh without English translation.
    Safety signage obviously should be bilingual but displayed in a manner that the eye would immediately seek out the preferred option. The way it is at the moment I believe makes it difficult for anyone the separate the two.

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