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    I went to Tesco Cafe this morning and was left a little disappointed. I had the ‘large’ breakfast and it was clearly not large. Two sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast in my eyes does not constitute a large breakfast. For over £8 with a coffee I was left with a feeling of being short changed and still a little hungry. This is clearly false advertising.
    Any suggestions for a more filing breakfast?


    I will Never eat in Tesco after the first time I ate there. It was awful and very expensive. You can’t beat Marrubbi’s cafe. Lovely food and not over priced.



    Not sure it is false advertising as what large is to you might be small to next person or huge! But pwaor do love me a sausage! Marrubbi’s is good

    You are what you eat.


    Liz Jackson

    Wetherspoons — full English and a pint or coffee for breakfast £4.50 cant beat it!!

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