BCHB Five Years of Special Measures.

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    For five years BCHB has been under the direct governance of the Welsh Assembly. Five years and still it is in special measures. What next ? Where do we go from here to improve the management of BCHB? Mark Drakeford was Health Minister before becoming the Leader of the Assembly but in neither job has he been able to sort out BCHB. Finance is part of the problem as is staffing but management must take most of the blame.

    Worryingly many of the traditional over the border hospital services we were , as an area , used to having access to are now unavailable due to BCHB not paying their bills for those services. Are these services never to be available to us again ? Will those debts be included in those written off in England by Nick Hancock as part of his “all debts in English hospital have been written off by the government” statement. Or will Welsh debts be the only ones to remain?

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