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    I’m a regular user of the car park and agree it has been in a disgusting state for ages. I don’t expect a deep clean but it doesn’t even receive a once-over given the same litter present day after day. Why can’t it be a no alcohol/loitering zone and monitored by PCSO’s as part of their daily circuit of the Town?

    As for the cleaning company, whether it’s council affiliated or not, who cares as long as they do their job which clearly they don’t but I suspect this is down to cuts more that the lack of will.

    I could subscribe to the Cuts argument if the place had received a different treatment before the cuts. The place was like this in 2006 when I first rented a stall and has remained as bad throughout. The only difference between the whole place in 2006 and now is that in 2006 the Market was still a golden goose and threw out plenty of non reinvested revenue.


    Baloney and the the state of the Peoples Market
    Baloney and the the state of Wrexham Bus Station
    Baloney and the the state of the streets & pavements etc…etc



    I rarely respond, but this is worth it. I’ve started using the Peoples Market for all day parking, once a week, since the Regent St NCP closed. WOW! the smell of urine as you troop down the stairs is to die for and its the same every single week, without fail. Seriously in this day and age, is this the best we can do as a community? Clearly no senior officers from the council have to put up with this on a daily basis, otherwise the problem of urine covered stairwells would have been sorted long ago. Basically, this sums up our town centre. Other than small niche areas, it’s not very nice.


    The cleaning of the market is not undertaken by Wrexham Council employees but by Wrexham Commercial Services Ltd…….

    Just a note on this, a relevant person has been in touch to mention this is inaccurate and that the markets attendants are responsible for the cleaning.

    I have popped you an email to the one on registration Dylan, with what hopefully is something of interest! :)

    ('er - email us on



    Thanks I will clarify — my understanding was that the cleaners in the market moved to the trading company the same time as the school, office and bus station cleaners and caretakers– I will try and identify if this is the case.
    I am surprised that anyone would want to meet to show off the fact that the cleaning is not being undertaken! irrespective of who employs them.



    Who is the local elected Councillor for this area of town?




    The above are all Councillors who have section of their words that form part of the town centre

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    I see that the People’s Market public toilet/ shooting up and getting drunk stairwells have hit the headlines today. Remember … Cllr Neil Rogers assured people “The stairwells at the People’s Market are swept and cleaned regularly, and any instances of anti-social behaviour on the site will be referred to North Wales Police. We aim to improve the service and have rescheduled our cleaning regime to ensure this is a priority.”

    The effect of the Order is to impose the following prohibitions on the use of the designated restricted area:

    That Person(s) within the designated restricted area are prohibited from eating, drinking, inhaling, injecting, smoking or otherwise using any intoxicating substances and from the preparation of any such activities. Intoxicating substances are defined as substances with the capacity to stimulate or depress the central nervous system.

    No person shall consume alcohol or have an open container of alcohol in their possession in the designated restricted area.

    No person shall urinate or defecate within the designated restricted area


    Will they be doing this when it is the Arts Hub? Then again, one man’s human waste and drug paraphernalia is another man’s work of art …


    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Aspiration- we can all have aspiration but often this does not equate to reality- the proposals for the General and Butchers Markets are undoubtedly aspirational with very little evidence that current trade levels can be maintained and crucially footfall to increase.
    If you look at the present stall occupation there are some traders who must surely be running a ‘business’ that is little more than a hobby. They may be filling a space in the market but are they making profits that are adequate for them to live on or are they dependent on other family income. A couple of traders I have spoken to admit they fall into this category having retired from one occupation they have invested in stock for a stall.
    It is a real shame that retail trends (driven by peoples changing habits and requirements) have changed so much that historical buildings like the markets are under so much pressure.
    Would the town be better off keeping both markets going or encourage some retailers to join together and take on a High Street unit and close a market to at least make the roads leading to the Markets has a level of ‘buzz’ that encourages people to shop the area.



    To me there will never be a time in the Butchers Market where stalls will amalgamate into a shop premises. There are two many problems associated with such a venture.
    Cllr Derek Wright’s remarks that since the Task and Finish Group in 2013, it seems management that was put in and the improvements re investing profits has had a big impact.
    Does Cllr Wright live on a different planet? What improvements have been made since 2013?
    When service charges were introduced into the markets in 2003, this covered the Council’s running costs, the rent was for the Council’s back pocket.
    From 2003 until 2011 the Council’s operating profit from the Butchers Market has never fallen below £50,000 with no re investment. Since 2013 it has decreased year on year and for 2015/16 is projected to be around £17,000.
    When the Council aspirations if and when, come to fruition in another five years time and the markets are thriving I
    maybe be persuaded to believe their hype.

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