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    The report by and in particular Lesley Griffiths Am is nothing short of astonishment. The continuing delays in putting support in place for families who have children with Autism often having to wait more than 2 years to get formal diagnosis is shameful. The Welsh Government have not been doing anything to put the investment in the right places — the so called Integrated Autism Service should be investigated by the Auditor General and Public Service Ombudsman to actually assess is it achieving anything – parents with children with autism would argue that no positive changes have occurred and in most instances negatives impact.

    If our local AM had reservations, then she should have made more effort to engage with local parents and older people who have autism about the reality on the ground and how they had looked forward to a Bill that would have seen improvement.

    There may be shorter times for an initial appointment, but the two year plus wait for direct support is the norm — by voting against the Bill Ms Griffiths has effectively accepted that the current arrangements are fit for purpose/ Nonsense and shameful. If Labour were not in favour of the Act as presented, they should have tabled amendments through the appropriate channels– what do about now propose to deal with the issues — do not keep repeating financial investment as this is not making differences that are effective or timely.

    We all look forward to hearing from Ms Griffith as co about what they are going to now do to put forward an alternative.



    Well, Ms Griffiths doesn’t seem to know her stuff when it comes to supporting disabled people, and I say this as a Labour voter.

    I was shocked to see her in the Leader supporting Tory welfare reforms – the Work and Health Programme Wales and a Tory-appointed private company, Maximus, even though the United Nations have found that they are responsible for grave and systemic abuses of disabled people’s human rights.

    So this news doesn’t surprise me; quite some disappointment.

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