Atherton denies NHS full funding then asks where the resources have gone!

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    Brilliant. Thank you.

    It is pathetic that at this time people still attribute everything to politics. Some very sad people about.

    Politics affects everything. Vote Tory, get austerity cuts to everything. Including your precious road drains. 10 years of Tory cuts to the NHS equals limited capacity.

    What do you think that means? Take a look at Italy.

    Oh, you’ll never learn. Bye.



    Why do people keep banging on about NHS funding? 10 years of Tory Cuts to Health spending?

    Figure 1. Annual UK public spending on health in real terms (2017–18 prices) and as a percentage of national income, 1955–56 to 2015–16

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    I believe in freedom of speech but at a time when the country is on the brink of the biggest catastrophe that the world has ever seen should put a stop to threads of political blaming. There will we all hope be a chance for Political debate and blame at some time in the future but now is not the time everyone should be thinking about their own and family wellbeing rather than trying to score political points or individuals.



    So Mr Jackson you believe in censorship?
    It is a very slippery and dangerous path to tread.



    Derek, I’m afraid that you are onto a loser with this one. Some people will make political capital out of everything.



    Actually, ‘some people’ wanted the NHS to be in a good shape to handle a crisis like this.



    All these threads started by Anonymous regarding Sarah Atherton?
    Picking holes at every opportunity. …We’ll see a lot of these no doubt. Orchestrated as well.
    Orchestrated by the same like-minded group of people who considered Ian Lucas not extreme enough for their extreme socialist ideologies.
    The comeback they can’t take is that the mainstream tradition Labour electorate rejected Corbyn et al at the ballot box. Must be a bitter pill to swallow….

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Sarah Atherton, who was elected as Wrexham’s first Conservative MP in December, has pledged to join healthcare workers in the battle against coronavirus by offering her time to the NHS where possible.



    Tories rarely impress me, but I admit I’m impressed by that, good for her.



    “offering her time to the NHS where possible” ie, if there is a photo opportunity.

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