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    @wrexview 2349 wrote:

    I can see they have been added at the end now.

    Yes – as the article now says – apologies for missing those off :)



    Crews from Wrexham were called to the following car fires last night – all thought to be started deliberately:

    21:35 The Mount, Caia Park, Wrexham

    23:22 Stanley Street, Caia Park, Wrexham

    23:27 Green Bank Street, Caia Park, Wrexham

    Sadly this seems to confirm that there’s a group of serial-arsonists in Queens Park.



    michellecook. Wow that’s awful. Too many Do-gooders in charge!



    @michellecook 2350 wrote:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. We can’t afford the ever rising premiums either, but as we need to have 2 cars, we have to find a way. There is no excuse for not having insurance.

    Our premiums will be going up again next time, why? On Saturday A 10yr old idiot and his mates decided to smash a window in our car and let off the handbrake. We returned home to find an empty space where our car should’ve been and just a layer of glass in its place. Reported it missing, to be told it had been recovered less than 50 yds away. So far Β£150 recovery fee,Β£75 excess on insurance for glass and 2 days loss of earnings :mad:

    If that is not bad enough the same gang returned to the area on Sunday and smashed the window in a car belonging to a visiting nun. Of course, there were no police officers available.

    The reason for all the arson, vandalism etc is simple, it’s because they can. They know that IF they get caught all they’ll get is a free ride in a police car and a talking to. It’s about time the courts got tougher on them, perhaps the fear of a real punishment would be enough of a deterrent.

    Totally agree they do it because they know they can and get away with it. If the threat of stronger punishment was there it might put off the dead head scum who have nothing better to do than destroy other peoples property.
    As a country we need to look after our children and teach them respect and hard work, give them some opportunity’s to have respect in themselves and learn the value of hardwork and money.
    Then this sort of mindless vandalism might stop, get them active rather than hanging bored around the streets.
    Rather than giving billions of money away to other countries, use it to save our own country as we are in crisis.



    You have to charge somebody first though before you can punish them.

    Perhaps could provide a summary of the number of car fires in the past 12 months alongside confirmed number of arrests/charges in relation to them..??



    @simon 2355 wrote:

    Sadly this seems to confirm that there’s a group of serial-arsonists in Queens Park.

    Yes, bet you can’t guess where I live :rolleyes: It is because of idiots like this that I am ashamed to tell people I live in Caia Park :mad:

    A PCSO I spoke to recently thinks it is probably the same gang so they are most likely pre-teens which is very scary.

    We are lucky in the sense that we live in a reasonably good street with good neighbours. If it weren’t for the council dumping all the drunks and druggies in the flats in the middle it would be a very respectable street.

    18 months ago we went through a year of hell, for reasons unknown to us, we were targetted by vandals. We must have gone through at least 10 pairs of wingmirrors, lots of side windows, loads of dents, numerous wiper blades and worst of all 3 windscreens. Rather than claim off the insurance we repaired the damage ourselves via the scrapyards. The police did arrest one lad for 1 of the windscreens, but as soon as they let him out he came back and did another that very night.

    Sadly, the nation has bred a generation of untouchables and they know this. I got called a Paedophile by a gang of 12 yr olds because I have CCTV on my house covering the car park :rolleyes:

    I have 3 boys myself, if I thought they ever damaged anything belonging to anybody other than themselves they’d have me to answer to and I’d be devastated. Respect and manners cost nothing, it’s a shame more don’t use them.



    Another arson attack last night resulting in a pensioner being hospitalised! At 4 am in the morning households must know if someone is missing from their house. The community must help bring these people to justice.



    Where are the Police when all this is going on.



    Car Arson – Man Arrested – Victim Taken To Hospital & Police Appeal |

    A man has been arrested but police are appealing for any information.



    I am sure everyone wishes the pensioner who was hospitalised after the latest arson attack a speedy recovery. Someone must have information , it could be any of our families next!

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