Appeal launched over refusal of plans to increase rooms at Wrexham HMO

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    Maureen Gray

    Appeal launched over refusal of plans to increase rooms at Wrexham HMO, OK so this will get passed by WAG on appeal, but why can’t a condition be attached where land lords have to tidy up the outside of these HMO’s, talk about kerb appeal.



    Of the greatest concern is the fact that the landlord in question seems proud of the fact that he is essentially a slumlord – working out how to stack more people into squalor. Shameful!

    Highlighting a survey of the number of vehicles owned by tenants across the 23 properties he lets in the town, he said: “Here attached are two “vehicles per room” assessments, conducted in September 2015 and May 2016.
    “They show that for 146 rooms/ occupants, there are just 17 to 25 occupants with vehicles, or one vehicle for every five rooms.
    “This is largely due to all the rooms being in the town centre and tenants generally not being able to afford a vehicle.



    Totally agree with the previous contributors. This is totally driven by profit. It’s a dump – and that picture was taken after a tidy up. I know because I used to live within spitting distance. Broken glass in the front door which was left for months and rubbish strewn everywhere. The telephone box opposite is used as an exchange for drug deals. And the crossroad with Poplar & Talbot Road is a blind crossing. So dangerous that I highlighted it in a Council survey. What did they do? Nothing. No consideration for the school children going to and from St Giles’ Primary.



    I agree. In January of 2016, the Conservatives voted down a Bill to compel landlords to make sure that rented homes were fit for human habitation.

    By drafting policies that increase poverty and homelessness (mainly Universal Credit) and making thumping council budget cuts, it is clear that these Conservatives want this sprawl of slums to occur and for you to have to live next to it.


    Born Acorn

    Even all those plans the Cameron government mooted to reduce red-tape on green belt building have disappeared, ensuring house prices remain stupendously high for the forseeable. Just check it out.

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