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    We must not forget that no matter what Corbyn is promising the NHS in England , we live in Wales and NHS Wales management is devolved to the Welsh Assembly. Locally health is a major issue and although we had the Minister for Health in Wales , Lesley Griffiths AM , representing us in Cardiff , nothing changed. The situation is deteriorating.



    What we all have to realise is that when the contract’s are terminated we the Council Tax paying public don’t
    seem to be told the reason why.
    I worry about the lack of services for everyone and as has just been mentioned NHS is run by Welsh Labour via
    Cardiff; I would be interested in knowing how many comparable health issues there are in South Wales as up
    here we always appear to get the short straw; maybe our AM or MP could provide some data as this is pretty bad
    news for Wrexham.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    The contracts are being terminated because the 3 doctors are retiring. That’s no secret. It’s a fact that doctors retire. If the surgery is unable to attract replacements to the area what are the surgery owners to do ?



    My surgery in Wrexham is now run by locums as the previous doctors retired. I have to say,I find I get a better service now for appointments,than I did before.



    The problem is with the GPs contracts, they get paid so much that most start to go part time in there early 50s then a large percentage retire late 50s, the hospitals are worse consultants are allowed to work part time in private practices if they want, they need to change the contracts from day 1 of training that they must work at least 80% in the NHS for the first 20 years after training that would help reduce the waiting lists currently, 6 to 8 months NHS or the same consultant next week in a private hospital.



    Does anyone know if consultants are self employed or employed direct by a hospital Or Health Board.


    Mike Davies

    Consultants are employed with a salary. They may choose to work full time, part time, or even work for more than one hospital. In Britain, all doctors have the right to work privately if they wish. Many consultants will work part time on a salary and part time in private practice.

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