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    Llayby lilly

    A further thank you is warranted here!! Another charitable gesture from our Gypsy / Traveller friends…

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    That’s really fantastic!



    It does make a nice change from readings headlines such as:

    – Police carrying out a large-scale operation at a traveller site in Wrexham
    – Councillor wants action taken over Gresford travellers as soon as possible
    – Community ‘devastated’ after Travellers set up camp in village
    – Llay residents remain ‘outraged’ over Wrexham Local Development Plan
    – Police attend as travellers ‘take over field’ in Llay
    – Brymbo campaigns against proposed Traveller site
    – Travelling gang locked up for stealing power tools from vans
    – man had knife during confrontation between travellers and homeless people at wrexhams old groves school
    – Legal bid to oust travellers who’ve pitched up in field
    – Travellers pitch up behind Wrexham superstore
    – Man arrested at traveller site in connection with distraction burglaries

    These people can be valuable members of our society if we let them in.



    It’ll take more than this single instance, once a year IMHO to outweigh the very negative impact they tend to have throughout the other 11 months of the year, as already listed.

    One does however live in hope…..



    And die in Caergwrle?



    Ba-dum tsh!

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