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    Why is supervising the counting of votes so controversial in America?
    Only a few states catching up with what have been doing for a few years, live streaming.

    “ Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has said: “Every candidate and every political party is allowed to have an authorised representative in the room observing the process. Some jurisdictions including Philly are also livestreaming, so you can literally watch their counting process.””

    Live streaming leaves no room for what Trump calls “ shenanigans “ !

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    With Trump going to the courts will he still do this in any States he may win before the final, final result or will he pronounce that ‘having checked in ?? state it does not look like there was any fraud’ or will he let the court decide.
    Just glad that we don’t have such a complicated vote system in the UK



    Biden has still got to make it through Winter before he becomes President in January. At his age nothing is guaranteed, especially in current times.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Some conspiracy theorists are seeing this as a way for the USA to get its first female president.



    You could say that with the way Democratic primaries went down, however,its not surprising that Trump lost, there are many that would have previously voted third party or for Trump as a protest vote (due to the Democratic party not serving their interests) and they are now sick of him whether it be covid, no further economic stimulus for the people and realising that the swamp is just further highlighted not drained.

    Both parties are toxic and have a corporatist agenda and much of what Trump said during 2016 election was untrue, he packed his team full of people that were from big busness like Goldman Sach’s that were part of the so called swamp. So when people talk of him favourably they don’t look into what he actually stands for. Though at least he added some humour while he screwed over the citizens which is better than nothing i suppose. Though to dismiss the differences between the two would be criminal too its an improvement with Biden but mostly its the decorum that they want restored that’s why you see Republicans supporting Biden.

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