Am I the only 'Wrexham-ite' who doesn't feel ashamed to be from here….??

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    Seems like some people from around here, delight in the fact we’re not as ‘posh’ as our neighbours from across the borders….

    I am, and always will be, ‘working-class’…(for whatever THAT means….)

    It riles me that some folks around here seem to think that they’re better than that (??)

    Whenever an ‘upmarket’ shop opens in the town…within a few months, it’s shut…because everyone’s gone off to our neighbours…. to get the same stuff!!

    There’s a LOT of money around Wrexham these days …you only have to look at some of the cars (Aston Martins, Merc’s etc) you see around town now…’s time we held back a bit and get what we want from our town.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Mercs ? They’re just Hamburg taxis !

    Don’t get confused by people driving “posh” cars. Anyone can rent or lease an expensive car these days.


    Rex Ham

    It’s a phenomenon peculiar to Wrexham people I think. Go to Chester or Shrewsbury or Broughton and as you say Rex buy mostly the same stuff you could get in town! If you include Eagles Meadow, Wrexham has probably got a better selection of shops than it has ever had. We never had a Debenhams before. The shame is that some of the local, independent shops have closed down, but that’s because we don’t by enlarge support them. The town centre is still there, it just moved down High St a bit.

    And yes, like you Rex, this Rex is proud of where he comes from.


    Love Wrexham……and I’m not even originally from here……..though my family is



    Born in Wrexham, worked in Wrexham, and spend in Wroxham which helps the local community. Found on average prices are considerably cheaper than for e.g., Chester. Some time ago required new cooker, the same cooker was £150 cheaper in Wrexham than Chester. 2 weeks ago fridge went us., on a Saturday afternoon, managed to get to a locally run family business on Rhosddu Industrial Estate. New fridge at a very competitive price obtained, delivered Sunday morning free of charge and the old one taken away for a fee of £10.
    If we do not support local business and services we will lose them.



    Wrexham is a cesspit, put wrexham into youtube, you either get football hooligan fights, the local council member picking up drug needles, the body of a smack head at the library, some terrible examples of what they call driving in this town, or chav drinking culture, Hoping the new arts hub and a few cold winters set the town in a new direction


    I’m always proud of my town and pleased to tell people where I am from. Yes there are many improvements to be
    made but you can say that about anywhere.I love the town and the people.



    The majority of ‘posh new cars’ are leased as AMA says. Anybody can do it if you’re stupid enough to throw £200+ per month basically down the drain, oh and then give the vehicle back! I used to do this until I woke up!


    Travis Bickle

    I think that a LOT of the things people complain about “in Wrexham” can be attributed to “Anytown UK” but residents here only know whats happening in their own locale, plus we all remember how things used to be in the UK before the introduction of street dwelling smack heads.



    Travis is correct, in my opinion. I work all over the UK, in all sorts of places, and generally speaking, most medium-large sized towns seem to be in similar states to Wrexham. I think that towns of this size are unfortunately caught in a position whereby they lack the size to attract the investment and ammenities that cities can, and are too large to keep their small, market town appeal. Wrexham is just a clone town, identical to hundreds of similar towns across the UK.

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