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    Council Watcher

    For the geeks amongst the thread readers here is the detailed information re the Air Quality Readings for Wrexham and shows the readings.

    You may be surprised to see some of the readings in your area – remember high pollution has a major impact on health –
    I wonder if Cllr Phil Wynn knows that there is a monitoring station on his patch in the small car park opposite Victoria School– the reading increased significantly when the traffic lights for Ruthin Road were introduced due to waiting for traffic.

    The following is a Freedom of Information request to Wrexham Council that gives more information and interpretation.



    I have a child at Victoria School and am quite concerned at what Council Watcher has written. I am glad that the air quality is being measured by the school but why was this site was chosen– has there been incidences of high pollution in the Victoria Road area of the town.

    Cllr Hugh Jones has made a statement that air quality has improved since the WHO report- the point is how long was the pollution level high. as the Council had been monitoring the levels why was the public not alerted, why where the children at the school not instructed to stay inside.

    The defense that Clr Jones has put forward does nothing to give me confidence that my child’s health and their teachers have not been affected- if a child is in Victoria School for 7 years breathing polluted air what impact will this have.

    Are there a higher level of people clustered in the area that has had various forms of cancer?

    As Councillor for the area, Phil Wynne should ask for a full investigation or was he aware of the situation of the high pollutant levels but did nothing.

    The historical impact on peoples health from this type of pollutant is well documented.

    Every parent should be asking the question from the Head Teacher on Monday when they return to school, this should not be ignored.

    The recent Health and Safety Executive fining of the Council is an example of how they ignored a serious issue is this another scandal that they are trying to bury with an “It’s all ok now”


    Liz Jackson

    Was Cllr Terry Evans implying that there air pollutant levels from within the Chirk area? Depending on the atmosphere and wind direction you can smell and often taste chocolate or wood in the air miles away from the area. Does he know what the levels may be in the Chirk area? Probably zero but what about 5 miles away?

    Surely the location of the monitoring points is the most crucial as you can create a good clean reading in any county by selecting a fresh air location to put the monitor up.

    In the case of any pollutant from a factory monitoring on site will nearly always show little evidence of an issue as the prevailing winds will always take pollutants away. If you look at the data for Chirk the prevailing winds up the Dee Valley will take pollution towards Penycae as that is the first “high” point on which pollutant will land.

    Cllr Joan Lowe is Councillor for Penycae and Lead Member for Health and Social Care — surely she should be able to give some assurance to residents that Penycae is clear from Kronospan polution (if there is any).

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