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    Sorry, Matt, cross-posted, but yes, your argument sounds reasonable enough.



    Any idea what my INVISIBLE MP voted? Mr Baynes or whatever he is called. Or was he too busy saving the Llangollen Railway?

    We don’t need this sh1t on our plates and the way Ms Atherton votes I would say its against what Wrexham think.




    There’s a good reason there wasn’t a Tory MP in Wrexham for 100 years and because it is because they definitely don’t vote in terms of the way the majority of people this town believe in.

    Had people not become one dimensional one policy voters – Get Brexit Done then Ian Lucas wouldn’t have been villainised as he pretty much served the communities wishes on most other issues to the best of his ability.

    How has Getting Brexit Done views even remotely helped in this current crisis? I find it of significant amusement that we were the last to put any kind of people controls on our border, way after most of Europe had closed their borders. So people were still waltzing in Covid infected. In fact Chlorinated Chicken was a Get Brexit Done certainty. What an absolute farce.

    So people who voted in a Tory into Wrexham and Clwyd South you’ve made your own beds when shit goes wrong over the next 5 years. Myself and numerous others did provide fair warning probably both online and offline.

    My hands are washed of it all now – whatever happens, I’m going to make sure my family and friends are okay and then whatever else happens I’m not going to worry about it.


    Ioan y Ffin

    The real challenge will be restaurants as in many cases we don’t know where the food comes from. Likewise ready meals, take-aways and processed foods. It is not the people shopping at butchers and buying fresh meat, who are the ones who at most risk; it is those buying ready to cook or ready cooked meals.
    Of course, once again, it will be the poorest who lose out the most: buy cheap, buy cr*p. One of the saddest sights in Wrexham is seeing people shopping in poundshops, each time they cross the threshold they put another nail in the coffin containing the economic prospects of their own children and grandchildren. The real cost of shopping in such places is never shown on the receipt you are given at the till.



    A good cross section of opinions relating to this subject.
    As already pointed out, at present we are safeguarded by EU laws which means food is well labeled by country of origin etc etc but for how long?
    Is the plan to bring British farming down to the level of American farmers?
    Could well be.
    As already stated it will be the poorest in society who suffer.
    The health problems it will create will be enormous, as will be the people.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Do the Poundshops sell meat ?



    I have seen a few knowledgeable people say that the US wants to be able to hide US ‘country of origin’ labels from US food imports under any trade deal. It’s difficult to get the facts due to the deliberate secrecy of these negotiations, but what’s clear is that there’s no openness and transparency. What don’t they want people to know?

    The labelling issue doesn’t seem straightforward, even under the relatively good safeguards of the EU. There can be exemptions eg if a food is processed in a different country to the country of origin.

    You can bet that the US will litigate aggressively to promote its own commercial interests, even possibly at the expense of consumer choice and empowerment.

    But of course, the swaggering brexiters diligently took all of this into account when voting the way they did.



    Looks like the EU cares more than the US about our consumer rights. Look at ‘Key Changes.’



    So far we have the easing of EU food standards, secret negotiations with the US over a trade deal, concerns about chlorinated chicken, hormone-treated beef and frankenfoods, and now an amendment against the lowering of food standards has been defeated.

    Does anybody else not like where this is going? ‘Taking back control’ – but not for the benefit of farmers or consumers.


    Llayby lilly

    I have seen a few knowledgeable people say that the US wants to be able to hide US ‘country of origin’ labels from US food imports under any trade deal…..Well if Timmy say’s this it must be true….Puhhh!

    Folk you need to stop living in the past and except Brexit is coming..!! The bottom line will be, if supermarkets are stupid enough to put Chlorinated Chicken on the shelves, they will soon stop when nobody buy’s it! Don’t assume the great British public will put up with substandard food.

    I am super careful when it comes to labels and if it is not clear what’s in the food, I don’t buy..simples really.

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