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    Sarah Atherton, MP, yesterday voted in favour of the Agriculture Bill which allows the importation of chlorinated chicken and hormone fed beef into the UK.
    Another nail in the coffin of the farmers of Great Britain along with the possible dangers to consumers.



    All party politics so Borris can cuddle up to Trump and the US



    Glad you now understand how and why party politics is always very relevant to our everyday lives, Derek.



    There’s a quite simple market forces exercise that any British consumers with an ounce of common sense can exercise and it’s quite simply don’t bloody buy American Chlorinated Chicken or Hormone Beef. Why the hell would you want meat that’s travelled 3,000 miles anyway?

    All meat is labelled with their origin, so it’s just the case of buying Welsh Lamb, British Beef, Pork, Chickens, Aberdeen Angus etc…

    That’s what the local butchers will be selling and that’s what even the cheaper supermarkets sell at a decent price.

    More fool anyone for deciding to eat any cheap, tacky produce.



    Well said Matt.



    There’s a good system of food standards, hygiene and labelling at present, thanks in good measure to our membership of the EU.

    Whether those standards will remain buoyant after brexit remains to be seen. Even if labelling remains good, indifference to animal welfare and the environment is regressive.



    Another point is that those who eat unhealthy food often happen to be poor. Not everybody can afford to go to the butchers and other fresh food shops all the time.

    But no doubt, the Daily Mail readers will be along shortly to bark about how it’s all their fault and so serves them right.



    Buying British will help but chlorinated chicken must be labelled as such. British producers will surely label their products as non chlorinated . If the public don’t buy it then shops won’t sell it.



    Tim, I’m talking about the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Iceland here and including their frozen meats.

    If you can’t afford to eat at these places where can you afford to eat? That would be a separate starvation issue and a reliance on food banks. Because shopping at these locations saves my family hundreds of pounds a month vs bigger supermarkets and it is in fact more cost effective to buy quantities of frozen meat or fish to feed a family rather than several ready meals of dross.

    Any parent wants to make sure their kids and larger family units are only eating decent food and the effect of the horse meat scandal effectively increased buyer awareness of bad meat and forced food producers and retailers to behave themselves.

    Also, surely animal welfare is another side issue? There’s no chickens and cows on the food production line anywhere in the world saying I’m so glad I got slaughtered gently to be consumed by humans. I won’t even go into the whole vegan argument. Likewise environmental issues of meat production is also another side issue – again if people want to try and mitigate some of this then they need to shop local at butchers.

    The key issues here are the Tory government are complete bastards and so is the Trump regime, we all know they will continuously attempt to make capitalist opportunistic gains and things that are harmful to quality of life in particular the worst off in society.

    What I said is clear and decisive intelligent action – the only way to stop products from thriving is to comprehensively boycott them and therefore make them economically unviable. Beat capitalism at its own game. I fully expect people will name and shame stores, restaurants and food producers that foist this dodgy US meat on us and they’ll be forced to stop or lose face.

    The current Tory government have a decisive majority and only voting with your feet will send a message at this point.



    Yes, it should be properly labelled so we can make a choice. Trouble is that the negotiations between the UK and US on a trade deal have been carried out in secret. What is it that they don’t want us to know? ‘Let them eat chlorinated chicken.’

    Will restaurants put this on plates, serve it and simply call it ‘chicken’?

    The problem with chlorinated chicken is not so much the chlorine wash, but what it is intended to hide – the filth and disease that comes with sloppy animal welfare rules. I don’t like that we’re about to become a country that shrugs its shoulders at the maltreatment of animals.

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