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    It appears that the Council have brought in a change for the timing of information going to any meetings. As from 1st April reports and agendas will only be available 3 working days before the meeting. That really give members of the public an opportunity to discuss and submit any questions!! Another example of blocking democratic engagement.



    Hopefully Standing Orders will also be updated making it easier for the public to ask questions at meetings.


    The Monitor

    I wonder how many councillors (especially members of the Executive Board and Scrutiny Committee)even understand the word democracy. I also wonder how much of the undemocratic decisions and motivation comes from non-elected ‘officers’. Observation of the behaviour in Full Council meetings and Executive board meetings indicates a serious interference from non-elected ‘officers’.

    It will not be long before web-casts of meetings will cease, as watching them is very illuminating and clearly demonstrates the influence of the non-elected. Try watching the behaviour of the councillors and the non-elected, without getting involved in the content. Now that really points up what is happening.

    Secretive, covert, and undemocratic. Words that sum up the present regime precisely.

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