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    At the Planning Committee meeting held yesterday on the application to build 365 houses in Llay. The Planning Committee consists of 19 Councillors, there were 7 apologies for absence,
    leaving a voting capacity of 11, not taking into account the Chair.
    The voting on both an amendment, and the proposal, was 5 votes all with one abstention.
    The casting vote on both occasions being in the hands of the Chair.
    What disturbs me is that the person who I think abstained from voting, did not make any points in the debate, either for,or against, and yet could still not have an opinion as to what to vote for after a 2 hour debate.
    In my opinion what a waste of putting them up as a Councillor.


    Council Watcher

    Jimbow your comment “In my opinion what a waste of putting them up as a Councillor” is actually far wider as the majority of meetings are held where Council Memre even when present are unable to have a vote that will ever overturn any proposals. With Executive Biard system the voice of Councillors is totally ineffective as only 10 people vote things through.



    Time for published voting records just like they have in parliament.



    Council Watcher I agree with your point that even when present Councillors are unable to vote at Executive Board level. However, this was a Councillor who was present with a vote, and chose not to use it. That disturbs me.



    If you care to look back to anytime where contentious applications are considered, you will find that a number of Councillors, rather than nailing their colours to the mast and voting as they feel appropriate, abstain.
    I don’t think for one second that any Councillor is unable to form an opinion one way or the other after lengthy debate, but take the easy way out and abstain so that the for or against lobby cannot hold them to account.
    What disturbs me more,is the number of Councillors absent from meetings that they are scheduled (with plenty of prior notification) to attend. 7 members of the Planning Committee absent is not satisfactory, irrespective of questionable reasons given.
    More should be expected and demanded from them.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    There must be valid reasons for absences. Why have such an important vote at a time when so many people are on holiday? Why not put the vote off for a month?

    The Councillor abstaining will also have had a valid reason for doing so, so I do not see why there is so much commotion about it.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    When the planning application came before the Planning Committee a decision was held over until a site visit had been carried out.
    Site visits normally take place 2 weeks after the first meeting. The site meetings are usually held on a Friday after which the Councillors come back to the Guildhall, to debate the action to be taken.
    Councillor X If you are happy that your elected representative elects to abstain from voting then so be it.
    BenjaminM is probably nearer to the explanation when he says the for or against lobby cannot hold them to account.

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