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    Rex Ham

    Well, it looks like the Banks filibuster is unravelling and vindicates Ian Lucas stance in the sub committee.



    There’s no good legal reason to go ahead with Brexit.

    The referendum was advisory, not legally binding. For something so weighty, it should have had a qualified majority requirement.

    The Electoral Commission found that vote Leave broke the rules. That’s a legal finding, not an opinion and it has been backed up in the High Court. If I cheated in my local golf Medal competition, I wouldn’t be allowed to take the trophy home. That’s before we go into Cambridge Analytica and the tailored and targeted advertisement rule breaches.

    May should annul the referendum result and revoke notification of Article 50. But of course, she won’t do that, as it’s far too sensible a plan for a Tory.



    Was the referendum that took Britain into the common market legally binding? Or the referendum that gave Wales devolution? Or the one in 2011 which gave Cardiff law making powers over North Wales with a turnout of just over a third of the population of Wales?

    How do we know which referendums are legally binding & which aren’t?



    By checking the wording.

    By the way, I’ve thought of another reason this referendum can be dismissed. During the campaign, Government ministers were making false promises about the benefits of leaving – eg £350 million a week for the NHS and a claim that there would be no downsides to Brexit, only upsides.

    By going back on these promises, they have caused the bargain or ‘contract’ to break down, so it can now be rescinded.



    You could say the same about any General Election, none of the parties keep all their promises.



    I don’t think the two are comparable, but even if they were, it’s a tu quoque argument.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Aaron Banks takes the approach that ‘attack is the best form of defence’. His wealth shows what a racket the insurance market is and interestingly he bases his businesses on the Isle of Man. Some cynical people may say that he does that for tax purposes, but i understand that he is very fond of Manx cats and has a big collection of motorbikes.

    Brexit, of course, is a slowest suicide attempt in history.


    Llayby lilly

    Does Ian Lucas remember that Wrexham overwhelmingly voted to LEAVE the EU….? Short memory Ian.

    I wont have a short memory at the next Election…..I will be voting for Lucas to LEAVE…! Please join me.

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