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    What does everyone think of them?

    I’m a bit confused by the point of the plans to apparently resolve key congestion points, but at the same time EXPAND the number of roundabouts and development at Ruthin Road, which would in fact make one of the busiest junctions in Wrexham even busier.

    As well as causing an increase in traffic coming off the A483 here, the proposals would also increase the traffic along the Ruthin Road, which is already very busy during rush hour and peak travel days. So I’m struggling to see the benefit here.

    I’m all for expansion, but carefully planned and positioned in places that don’t put pressure on current pressure points. That’s just me though, perhaps I don’t have Kens Lens from Cardiff to look at the situation in the same way though.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Extra capacity is required in the Ruthin Road area to enable Wrexham to expand out to the dual carriageway which is part of the long awaited, much delayed Local Development Plan. The new residents will need quick access to the dual carriageway. The same would apply to any new hospital.


    Born Acorn

    I like the J4 proposals; this junction was always going to need a significant redesign and honestly more roundabouts aren’t a problem, they’ll flow better than needing to turn right over traffic. It also splits A525 town bound traffic from A483 traffic which is good.

    It’ll make Ruthin Road busier yeah through induced demand but it should also pull a lot away from the rat racing that happens in Southsea/New Broughton.

    J5 is good too, lights on the B&Q arm should allow for plenty of traffic from the hospital direction to get onto the roundabout, unlike now where the timings of traffic heading from town and Plas Coch only allow a few seconds for drivers to leave, which on bad days leads to queues back past the hospital.



    Are the cameras working?, or are their a waste money 🙁🚘



    An uncontrolled crossing on the exit off the Gresford roundabout to the Llan Y Pwll link Road?? Do they realise how insane that is with the speeds vehicles accelerate down there? There’s already one crossing on the Llan Y Pwll that people take their lives in their hands because nobody can be bothered to sort the speeding out on there!

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