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    Its only a guess, but is it cause that particlar stretch passes closer to houses??


    Captain C

    It could be that the route from Cardiff to Coedpoeth for the local assembly member ends by the Ruthin Road and therefore she can get home quicker. There are plenty of houses in Rossett and Gresford as there are in Ruabon and Rhostyllen. Surely if we are trying to save the planet the speed limit should be all the way and not a mile or so in the middle.



    what always gets me is this. in this cash strapped council/police force etc. who is paying to replace all the speed restriction signs down the bypass. the restriction cannot be enforced until all these sign are properly displayed. I assume therefore the limit is somewhat of a request rather than an order. the air pollution results will then be put forward as an argument to reduce the speed. BY THE WAY WE ALL KNOW THE SPEED LIMIT ON THE BY PASS DONT WE BOYS. only those who have been booked for speeding before now I suspect


    Hugh Bet

    The only good thing about the 50mph limit is that it limits the speeders as they dare not do the normal 90 to a ton.

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