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    On another thread it is said that the Post Office is going into Smith’s — if they cant cope know then what chance when Post Office services are dealt with on their ‘everyday’ counter



    @zinger 18566 wrote:

    It is a lose, lose situation for the bookshop. Good customer service demands customer first, phone second, computer/paperwork last. One assistant. Without the computer/paperwork & phone, no customers special orders or stock, customer dissatisfaction. Customer goes elsewhere ie supermarket for papers, magazines, CD’s & paperbacks. The solitary bookseller is left with difficult to obtain special orders which they don’t have time to process, less & less staff & shop closes. On your conscience be it.

    But surely we can’t reach a situation where there are maybe 10,20 or 30 people, all of whom don’t want to use the self service checkouts, are told they have to wait until the paperwork is completed before being served!
    If paperwork HAS to be filled in there and then, get someone to take over till duties.
    Logical when you think about it.



    @Rex Ham 19008 wrote:

    Some interesting replies to my original post, and I take on board that fewer staff have to do more jobs in every store in town. I am sure this assistant was completing an important task as far as she and the store were concerned. I would not have expected her to drop everything immediately. All she needed to do was look at me and say something like “give me a moment and I’ll be with you” or some other acknowledgement of my presence. She didn’t even look at me when she sent me to the self serve till, which I do have a problem with. That’s a whole new post!!

    I’ve had my say directly with WHSmith, however, the main point of my original post was that I am a staunch supporter of our town centre and it needs more people to use it. It also needs shops which make you want to go into them and spend your money. You only have to look at the number of empty shops in town to see the effect of “no spend”. That’s why businesses are in business, not to fill a shop, but to make money. There are lots of elements to make a shop/business successful and one of those is the staff. There is one stall in the Butchers market I always use because the staff (who don’t know me from Adam) engage me and offer some banter or even just a smile! They often introduce me to another product, which increases my spend. It’s called customer service and however it’s delivered it’s vital. That’s one of the things which will make our town centre more vital and used.

    Now, can someone help me off my soap box please…..!

    Woah, that’s enough fella. Step off, have a nice sit down in the comfy chair. Tea, coffee, something stronger?
    No, seriously, its easy to get all heated up and blow a fuse or two, isn’t it?
    Your point is well made though.

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