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    To those who ” supported” the “homeless” that felt it justified and right to camp on the Groves field last summer, the homeless the dependant the ex prisoners whatever. I would suggest you rally your folks, and , by way of a peaceful , but poignant protest gather your numbers outside the Ty Pawb main entrance on the council opening day, and have these tin pot gods parade on front of those with needs that are being ignored, down graded and trodden on. Peaceful silent protest.


    Why protest – just follow the councillors in when the doors open. As I pointed out weeks ago, Ty Pawb is perfect for the homeless. It is dry and warm with civilised toilet and washing facilities, open 7 days with long opening hours and free entry – Perfect. If they hide away, they may even get over-nighters. Now, we even have a new coffee shop where the arty people can fund coffee for the previously homeless people. I wonder if they will be able to use ‘Ty Pawb’ as their home address ?
    Who will be the first to prevent the ‘unfortunates’ access to this glorious project ?

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