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    It certainly can get worse — currently only 50% of reports ever go to Scrutiny first the others go straight to Executive with no debate. The use of Part 2 reports will probably increase to ‘hide’ behind more legal gobbledygook.
    Look at last nights advice from the Wales Audit Office which was selectively used.
    This Council is now getting to the point that the electorate have all but lost total confidence in the practices they are ploughing through.
    Leighton get up to Wrexham as soon as possible and get your Commissioners in – we certainly cant get worse situation than what we have at the moment.



    The new meeting times for the June meetings have been popped online – seems to be the busiest month of meetings for a while. Fair bit of scrutiny!

    Does look like having two meetings so close together on the same day could result in cllrs / public missing the start of end of some meetings if they over run and they want to sit in on both.



    So council staff and the finance dept achieve £63000 of savings and councillor pritchard thinks its acceptable to waste those savings on his fellow councillors….as if they don’t already leech enough from the public purse. The worrying thing is that this man is leader of the council. How are Wrexham council ever to achieve spending cuts while this pillock is in charge. MPs were slaughtered for the expenses scandal. This is no different. Councillors looking after themselves while sanctioning the closure of plas madoc and libraries and school buses. Its shocking behaviour. Councillor swine with their greedy little snouts in the trough. All aboard the gravy train!!


    Council Watcher




    Frankly I’m more concerned that lead members could spend £100k on opposing consultant reports..



    Council Watcher

    Remember one of these consultants reports stated that Plas Madoc Leisure Centre had a first floor that was not compliant with DDA access when it had a lift!!
    How much are they going to end up paying PWC consultants to find more mega savings — report due in July. Are we nit already paying senior management to make these assessments? Is this not the same Council who say they are big enough to stand alone and not merge?
    Bringing in consultants for one off pieces of work from a business perspective would be fine — Wrexham Council however use them as a matter of course for virtually everything.



    Bringing in consultants for one off pieces of work from a business perspective would be fine — Wrexham Council however use them as a matter of course for virtually everything.

    Very true council watcher. WCBC are using a firm based in Bury it seems to carry out Wrexham’s public open space audit and assessment.


    I wonder what senior management in Wrexham council actually do? Do they not know how much public open space there is within Wrexham? Why not just ask local council members to submit the public open space within their ward?

    Yet more taxpayers money wasted!


    Council Watcher

    Wrexham Council must have been sprinkling Miracle Grow on the land in Wrexham if it has changed since they mapped all the space, community assets, playgrounds, youth centers, schools and other assets owned by the Council and other agencies 5 years ago.
    All of this was mapped out on a series of overlay GIS maps on software that was supposed to be state of the art for the time.

    More recently the same information was updated for the Local Development Plan that was subsequently thrown out by Welsh Government.

    The culture has developed in the Council that some senior managers only accept work that has to have their personal name on it hence the resins so much is being contracted a fresh – work undertaken by other professional staff/managers in the Council will not be acknowledged or utilised.

    Council Members are being made fools of by authorising work that is not needed.



    It puzzles me where the Chief Executive Officer stands with regard to Consultants. Posters on here raise questions, and highlight, the errors in information given by these consultants, yet the spending on Consultants carries on at an alarming rate. Surely the Chief Executive Officer must ask herself, why are my departmental Chief Officers not capable of doing this work . Maybe we could have a question and answer session on Wrexham.com as we have with the police.



    Is it because chief officers are too scared of getting things wrong? If consultants are hired the officers can claim they made the mistake not them? If this is the case why not just get rid of chief officers altogether?

    Maybe a freedom of information request to find out how much of taxpayers money has actually been used on consultants in recent years is in order?

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