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    Congratulations to Maelor School Penley and all of their pupils on a fantastic set of A Level results- it is such a lot of pressure for all students and hope that everyone gets the grades they want to progress to University or other career pathways.



    Couldn’t agree more.



    Looks like Penley have topped the results league for Wrexham again — many congratulations to all pupils, staff (and parents for supporting their child). These results give these children a real opportunity to progress to A Levels, vocational courses, apprenticeships.

    For those children in Wrexham who have not done so well – remember Sir Richard Branson left school with no exam results- might be a different generation but shows what can be done with determination.



    Congratulations to all on their achievements. Well done to the teaching staff too.


    Great school.

    I have been to Penley several times in the last few years to talk to the youngsters about Enterprise (and linked themes), and the reception is excellent and the youngsters motivated

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