£850k cost for Councillors – Value for money?

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    Hi Hugh (welcome to the forum!)

    Do you mean by ‘the service’ the bus service? ie. you get free travel but its not available or the service is poor in your area?

    Good idea though to cut costs, or perhaps most importantly to be *seen* to be cutting costs where possible.

    Small things like that do go a long long way to improve voters perceptions of councillors / politicians !


    Arfon Jones

    One way in which I and other Councillors have tried to save money is by utilising Arriva Trains Wales Club 55 discount travel. At certain times of the year ATW will offer return journeys anywhere in Wales for over 55’s for £18 return. As so often happens members of the Executive Board are expected to travel to Cardiff on a regular basis and booking a return fare throught WCBC Corporate booking is about £70 whilst ATW is £18 a saving of £52 on every journey. There are a few anomalies like you can’t arrive in Cardiff before 0930 hrs but to get round that you buy a single from Newport to Cardiff for £4!
    There are advantages of being over 55 and as Hugh has pointed out even more when you’re 60.



    Would video conferencing cut costs even more?

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