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    Hopefully there will be a way found to make sure this money is tax and national insure free. Maybe the wording needs to be changed from payment to gift.



    I think I’ve just had a deja vu moment!!
    I’m sure I read this earlier on wrexham.com’s article and also from the First Minister’s mouth at his lunchtime briefing.
    Not the best example of original thinking.



    As it stands, it’s a taxable benefit (of employment). The WA needs to stipulate that the net payment to individuals is £500 so that the PAYE and NI is factored back to the budget.



    This seem a very cynical move by the Welsh Government to try and say ‘We value ‘ the Care Sector- if that was the case then stop thinking a payment of £500 can buy support. The current level of deaths in Care Homes shows that these staff were being left behind with support, PPE etc. These wonderful staff have had many residents die – often these staff will have developed long term friendship with some of their residents, so they feel the impact of a death more personally. I appreciate it is hard for health staff have deaths through tragic situations but often they will not really know the patients in personal way.
    Health care workers should be paid as valued members of a single Health and Social Care system all year round and not with such a pittance payment.



    The £500.00 is only for actual care staff,part time or full time. Nothing for the cleaners or cooks that keep these Care Homes working. Mark Drakeford at his best!! Nice gesture for the hard working staff and very well deserved, but without the cleaners and cooks these homes would fail to run. It should be same for all the staff at these places.



    Has any care worker received the £500 yet? Was it tax free?



    So as was predicted this money is going to be taxed and have national insurance take out of it! Why can’t it be a simple gift ?



    Anyone on Universal Credit will have this as income so will have it docked from UC allowance, ie in one hand taken out the other.


    Llayby lilly

    I wonder if WAG will offer a similar payment in recognition of the work and dedication shown by nurses and doctors at this time?



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