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    My point being that some of our politicians may, or may not be a bit dodgy. But as ever you seem to just throw in a random name for some sort of effect.



    Thing is it wasn’t acceptable in Blair’s day and many of us disagreed with it at the time and it’s not acceptable now.

    Don’t think there’s many Blairites on this Forum.



    I’m sick of the whinging that ‘my aunty is waiting or my uncle hasn’t heard anything yet’ repetition on this site.
    Are some people too thick to realise that on any list, someone will be first and others will follow and yes, someone will be at the bottom of the list.That’s just the way it is, however aggrieved one feels.
    Everyone will be vaccinated when their turn comes so please, give it a rest.



    And some are sick of people saying wait your turn. All my mums siblings, 2 in their early 80s and 2 in their late 70s have all been vaccinated. 2 of them over a week ago. They all live in England, mum who is the oldest lives in Wrexham and is still waiting to hear anything at all.

    That’s our Welsh Government for you, incredibly inept and led by a man who would sell his soul for a political point.



    We’re really early in the vaccination game and we’re lucky to be in a country where there is a queue where all of us are pretty much guaranteed a vaccination this year. There will be billions on the planet who won’t get a vaccine any time soon and a number of those who are older or vulnerable will succumb to the virus.

    So being impatient and moaning about waiting in a queue just sums up how typically British and entitled everyone is. They will get vaccinated, there’s nothing open anyway for them to go to and it’s bloody freezing anyway. As long as they continue doing what they are doing now they’ll fingers crossed have a fair few more enjoyable years to come once we get out of this horrible event.



    Matt, as much as I agree in principle to what you say, to be frank It’s not your mum and she certainly is not entitled. Just patiently waiting for that Fu%%%ng loon in charge to pull his finger out of his arse and get his act together instead of preening himself in tv interviews.

    Wales and we all deserve better than him and his political point scoring.



    Some of these comments about Politicians from both Westminster and Senedd are bewildering when neither Government is actually in charge of the manufacturing. Why cant people accept that there is so much commercial activity going on in the background – we all know that the demand far exceeds the supply as there is just not enough production capacity around the world. You cant send appointments to people for a jab that might not be available.



    Truth, it very much sounds like an emotional response to the whole situation, which is fair enough given the amount we’ve all been through over the past year. Hopefully your mum will hear something shortly and get vaccinated and you’ll be able to worry less about it.

    Politics is broken in general across the UK, but I wouldn’t have Andrew RT Davies and his Welsh Tories in charge of this country.


    Ioan y Ffin

    The challenge is we don’t know whether not using this medicine according to the original guidelines will work or will have unintended consequences; lots of people who are half vaccinated may create a situation where more variants of covid-19 can arise than the situation where the most vulnerable are properly vaccinated and the rest of us have to socially distance and minimize transmission for longer than we would all like. There is no ‘get out of jail free’ card in this game.

    Last year the UK Government was claiming that it had ordered enough vaccine to properly vaccinate the whole population, now we are realizing that was just another empty boast. The UK Government is now bragging about the number of people who are vaccinated, whereas in fact the vast majority have only been half vaccinated. A bit like someone bragging they have been married eight times, when in six of the relationships, it was called off during the engagement by the other party.



    Problem is the Government in all probability DID place an order for enough vaccine to cover the population.
    Not really their fault if the manufacturer doesn’t turn up with the goods on time, is it?
    It’s called supply and demand, resources for said vaccine are undoubtedly finite at this time because the world and his dog want a piece so until then we’ve ALL got to abide by the rules and do our utmost to limit the spread by DOING AS WE ARE TOLD, which by recent figures is a concept quite alien to Wrexham residents!

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