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    For the last couple of weeks or so I have been finding it increasingly more difficult to obtain 3G while in Wrexham itself.
    Today there was no 3G available at all. My phone (iPhone) was showing the “3G” logo but I couldn’t even Google anything. I was looking for a particular firm of solicitors but couldn’t Google them for the address. I couldn’t text my wife at home because it only wanted to IMessage. In the end I had to ring her to ask her to look it up, wait a few minutes, and then ring her back for the result.
    Talking with people in work tonight and it seems that I am not alone with this problem.
    Next thing we’ll be having all the pay phones re-installed !!!



    What network are you on? o2 been working fine for me. Vodafone always been a bit hit & miss around these parts.



    Vodafone was weak or dead from Sunday evening and through most of Monday. If I get a call from anyone canvassing for the upcoming elections I’m going to bend their ear on broadband speed.



    There has been quite a few people on EE saying their service has been non existent.

    Someone did say to me yesterday afternoon it was due to masts being upgraded for 4G however unsure if that is just a local rumour / guesswork!



    EE here too and the 3G is terrible at times in Wrexham.


    i’m on EE and for the last couple of weeks I can’t get 3G in parts of the town, more so around King st. and Regent st and all the way past the hospital, even thoough the 3G logo is showing..



    I’m on 3 myself and the last few days I’ve been getting ‘not registered on network’ while trying to make calls. Previous to this, my 3g speed had gone ridiculously slow



    I left Orange after 12 years 2 years ago and switched to giffgaff (uses o2 masts) however this signal in Rhostyllen area is just as bad on Orange / EE or O2. Indoors its non existent.


    I’m on EE and have never been able to get 3G at home in Minera.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Same for me with EE in Marchwiel and Cross lanes.

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