24hr Drive thru development on land by wrexham golf club / Borras roundabout.

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    The residents of Borras already suffer from high noise levels throughout the day and early evening , but continued noise throughout the night is totally unacceptable.
    Just some points off the top of my head!
    The new link road is already a accident blackspot ,so where the proposed entrance and exit is located will make things worse.
    Litter has alway been a blight along this section but a drive thru will make things much worse.
    The wrexham industial estate has plenty of unused land, why not build on brownfield site not green
    Anti social behavour will increase and add to higher noise levels at night by the already irresponsible drivers who drift their cars around the roundabout at night.
    There are already 6 petrol stations within a 1.7 miles radius do we need more?
    The restaurant/pub will be virtually impossible to be used by pedestrians from the local area as the lack of a safe and usable footpath to gain access to the site.

    All in all this application is probably a done deal with the already greedy and irresponsible Wrexham planning board!!!!!



    Perhaps you need to write to the planning department with your concerns.



    They will a do a roaring trade throughout the night with the boy racers who use this stretch as a race track. They’ll finally have somewhere to park up and show off their cars and get food/ fuel. They might even start organising national meet ups in the car parks!

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Excellent news for those working nightshifts on the industrial estate.



    Captainkavos – I’m guessing you live along the milebarn road sort of area? Another of the ‘not in my back yard’ brigade.



    I have already been developed on in our back garden and enough is enough! I’m all for the jobs that it will bring but the increased noise will be unbearable for the residents nearby ! The noise report is a sham !



    To me it sounds like a good plan but needs to be nearer the 483. As above too the boy racers will love it in the middle of the night!



    If you live near one of Europe’s largest Industrial Estates you have to get used to development.



    This shows an old image on the area. They need to consider congestion at a junction that has only just been sorted. A proper service road would need a run in if coming from the A 483 which would eat into the golf land. Anything else will be a compromise and possible health hazard. What about traffic turning right coming from the industrial estate. This is a manoeuvre that would be rare on the current road layout and will cut across the heavy traffic coming from the 483. The other issue is foot traffic. There have been accidents already on the new relief road one resulting in death recently. I run up the old road every morning and see a lot of walkers and cyclists, if thy start crossing to get a morning cup of tea there will be further hazards. Pedestrian crossings will cause further traffic delay and frustration. A bridge would need two ways on for people coming from town and those coming up the old road. Without footbridges in the right place people will cross. There is already footpath crossing half way down the link road to the 483 in addition to the existing footbridge.
    I am all for progress and job creation but this needs a link with a whole town plan. What will happen to the Nisa garage, the Chester road garage that are already near this road. What will happen to the litter increase which is already bad on the road. My experience of working in Whitchurch where there is a drive through McDonald’s and Starbucks is that the litter spreads to about a two mile radius with people discarding used cartons after consumption from the drive through.
    A better location would be on the land adjacent to the 483 but a deal would have to be struck. Currently this land is used for car wash and social club and there is already a slip road system in place. Alternatively if green land is to be consumed making a deal with farmers along side the 483 on the relief road side might be better. Either way green space is being consumed. I do not like the suggestion that green space that is not landscaped or that does not have potential for development should be devalued. If that is the case lets preserve it as a nature reserve. Or is money and profit of existing land owners coming before the health and well being of the town.
    I would value sight of a real town plan that looks at congestion, access to local amenities, promoting the town as a cultural, historic visiting centre.
    Often these decisions are left to those who can exchange pounds and pence in the short term rather than looking at long term economic growth.
    I have many more thoughts on this and would be happy to work with any town planners to get the right solution for Wrexham people rather than passing populations. With the right plan both could be incorporated. Sorry about the rant but with proper time we could build on the brilliant town and areas of Wrexham.



    Ah yes. Meandering and assumptive arguments. I’m sure I could apply for a cancer cure center on the same site and people like you would still bring up the same old tripe.

    When will people realise that improvements to infrastructure come AFTER developments, on a needs basis. If we built a footbridge over the road right now with nothing there but a golf club your sort would be first to have a moan.

    If this gets built and people start walking to a roadside services centre (why would anyone sane think that?), *that* is when we improve the walkways. Not before. We’d be stuck in the stone ages without that sort of thinking. It is pure NIMBYism in its basest form.

    It is the same for the old “our GP is busy no more houses” argument. You seriously want the government to employ loads more doctors and nurses to sit around doing nothing in case some houses get built? Get real and get over yourselves.

    What of the NISA garage and the Chester road garage? Commercial rivalry is not the council’s business – they can make themselves more competitive or shut down.

    Stop thinking that there is some sort of “plan”. There isn’t. *PRIVATE* developers come to the council with very *SPECIFIC* plans to build in *SPECIFIC* places. If this application is denied you aren’t sending a pot of money to the town center, you are denying it *ENTIRELY*. It’s this sort of imbecilic reasoning that the big bad scary authority has control over everything that has gotten this country into its current mess.

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