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    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Ena Sharples ! My kinda woman. ;)


    I thought you’d recognise her ‘come face’.



    Well Jane you got some or part of the predictions right for 2015
    1. Glyndwr University gets a new Vice Chancellor when it joins with Bangor to form a pan North Wales University. Correct new appointment last week but no link to Bangor yet
    2. Wrexham Law Courts announce they will close by the end of 2016. This is still possibly on the cards
    3. 10 -15% increase in the number of empty shops– housing/ apartments planning application made to convert empty shops in Regent Street. Correct
    4. WG take over the management of Education in Wrexham following a review of falling standards. Saved by a whisker – standards still falling
    5. Labor retain both seats in Wrexham in May elections– close second in Wrexham will be UKIP. Retention is correct
    6. Falling out among the ruling Independent Group on the Council over merger discussions with Flintshire leads to a new Leader. Not yet but listen to the Executive members who are filling out with each other — not a happy ship for 2016
    7. Unemployment in the County Borough ends the year with the lowest level for 5 years Correct
    8. Announcement that plans to demolish Waterworld are put on hold until a 2018 review. Correct
    9. Betsi Cardwalader announce investment at the Maelor Hospital to develop a new minor injuries unit in 2016. No they opened the ‘drunks centre’ in Brook Street instead
    10. Number of homeless people in Wrexham increase to record levels. Correct

    Looks like about 60% correct



    My prediction is that Wrexham.com forums will still be home to trolls posting absolute garbage trying to be clever and thinking they are a cut above because of some ill perceived superiority complex.

    Sadly my prediction was accurate


    I guess New Years Eve you’ll be taking out that inferiority complex for dinner and a movie eh? You little ray of sunshine, you.

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