£2,000,000 Redundancy pay.

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    Two million £’s.



    I guess those that are seeking a leaner, smaller, more efficient WMBC, perhaps following the example of Flintshire council, will just have to accept statutory redundancy obligations paid out as part of the process.
    The questions asked quite rightly are whom is being made redundant, are they then re-employed by the same council, and did they receive any payment over and above their statutory entitlement.
    Seems Wrexham.com are on the case.



    And your point is?

    If you had taken the time to check, you would find that the average redundancy payment totals less than £12500. A paltry sum considering that many of those people are no longer in employment.
    The single line comment you make is, I feel sure, designed to provoke rather than to make a valid point.
    WCBC like any other employer is obliged to compensate employees when terminating employment (whether forced or otherwise).
    The “Local Government (early termination of employment) (discretionary compensation) Regulations 2006 refer, and they state the payments that individuals are ENTITLED to.
    As far as I am able to ascertain, WCBC have acted correctly and with propriety in this matter and criticism in this instance is unwarranted and frankly, malicious in intent.



    Quite so BenjaminM.
    That was my point.
    We cannot argue with the cost of redundancies, the council is obliged to follow its obligations.
    If the headline grabbing figure is £2m so be it.
    If people are disappointed that redundancies were accepted from workers in say, Adult Social Care, rather than senior staff in administrative roles or the Mayor, or the Town Centre Manager or wherever else people are pointing fingers this week or next then they have to say so.
    There isn’t anything malicious in asking are the council tax payers receiving the very best value for money, regarding the council staff costs vs facilities provided eg Waterworld / Plas Madoc Leisure Centre.
    Is this not one of the points of having a forum on Wrexham.com or do we just write to The Leader.



    The added question is how many staff are leaving before the end of the Financial Year — the word on the ground in the Guildhall is at least another 100..
    How much of the money paid out is over and above statutory redundancy in the form of Golden Handshakes..
    How many of the staff are front line and how many in management roles..
    How many of the staff that have taken redundancy are then brought back as consultants (rather than on the staff).
    How many of the staff being made redundant were also given early retirement — it may seem strange but this may have occurred.
    How much money is being budgeted for 2014/15 as the number of staff are still likely to be cut?
    It would be good if Wrexham.com obtained a copy of the staff organisation chart from 12 months ago and compare it with now — at what level did the cuts occur??



    Some of the talk on this thread almost refers to the people made, or being made redundant, as aliens or simply a number.
    They are human beings and, like all of us, without exception, naturally will seek for the best settlement possible.
    Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and ask yourself ‘if I can settle for more, why should I settle for less?’
    And 99Dylan, you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say the ‘word on the ground is…’.
    Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear and you won’t go far wrong.
    Read too many ‘have heards’ on this site that have turned out to be pure fantasies in the end.



    You have a very valid point about treating all the workers as human beings and I hope my post had not been taken the wrong way. Having been made redundant before and I know the feeling.
    I do feel that Public Sector workers across Wales have however been let down by their Unions– what have we seen from them, what support have they provided.
    Regarding word on the ground–in my experience so often the half truths have originated from sources from within institutions such as a Council to get a message out- the full truth would however often lead straight to the source which of course needs protecting.
    A real worry for people who deal with the Council officers is that you develop a relationship with someone then they leave — you ring up to find that they have left and when you ask who is doing the work- the reply is often “sorry don’t know”.
    The sickness level of those left is likely to give through the roof as the stress levels trying to manage with fewer colleagues is going to have a massive effect on service delivery.

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