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    In fact going back further than that Neil Rogers has ousted King as leader in the past.

    WREXHAM LABOUR LEADER OUSTED | News | Local Government Chronicle



    @wrexview 14889 wrote:

    Why should the Executive Board Meeting be cancelled , the work of the Council must go on, they are all still Councillors and are still taking their pay.

    This is an interesting point – in theory all business could be deferred – however at least the people of Wrexham would see that happening as a result of this, rather than the current scenario where a month has been lost.



    @Liam 14880 wrote:

    Early suggestions are that they will join deputy leader Mark Pritchard’s democratic independents, taking them up to 20. Could push Labour out of the coalition.

    Could anybody tell me the difference between the Wrexham Independants and the Democratic Independants on Wrexham County Borough Council ? Both of whom, before todays dummy throwing saga,had 10 seats each.


    A Nuisance

    I know it means going over the border but wouldn’t 12 monkeys from Chester zoo do a better job?



    Looking at the Council’s website Councillor King’s attendance at public meetings seems good.



    The difference is ‘Playground Politics’ based on who likes who.. as neither grouping have a proper manifesto they don’t have clear direction of travel. Has anyone seen any proposals that have been developed to the point if being a viable alternative to those put forward by the Labor led coalition.
    What can you badge as being a policy or initiative that has been put forward by the Independent Group led by Mark Pritchard- you will struggle to find anything as they have just hung onto the coat tails of the Labour Group.
    The best thing that can happen as stated earlier is for the Welsh Government to send in the Commissioners to run the show– any administration that can just stop democratic business for a month due to a falling out is clearly not fit to lead.



    @jimbow 14895 wrote:

    Could anybody tell me the difference between the Wrexham Independants and the Democratic Independants

    One is a little like the Wrexham People’s Front, the other more like the People’s Front of Wrexham.

    No idea what happened to the Wrexham Popular People’s Front though :D



    @wrexview 14897 wrote:

    Looking at the Council’s website Councillor King’s attendance at public meetings seems good.

    Members Attendance Record – Councillor M C King OBE – WCBC is the link for Mr King, and a general view for all is Members Attendance Record – WCBC



    Reading the BBC site we now appear to have three totally different reasons for the resignation starting with issues over Cr King and the CAFAT report — with no reference to his attendance or ability to perform the Lead Member duty, then we have the report that Clr King has not been performing in his role and poor attendance (not substantiated by the Councils own attendance figures) and now we are told on the BBC site that it is due to Mr Rogers blamed “interference” in Labour group meetings by unelected local party “liaison officers”
    What a shambolic setup there is not even one single line being taken by everyone — who are we the electorate supposed to believe now.
    Bring on the establishment of the Peoples Voice Party and hope they could unite the separatists into one truly representative group.



    Cllr Rogers’s statement mentions elected AND non-elected negative influences.
    How can ANY committee/public body function if unelected people have an input.
    I wonder has Cllr Rogers tried to save face and not disclose Cllr King ‘s performance and behaviour inadequacies earlier? Heard someone say Cllr King lives outside the Wrexham area but elected as it his place of work. To me that suggests he contributes no council tax to the Council’s coffers. Perhaps he has no real affinity for the area…no school ties for his children maybe? No personal social ties ? Just a job to him?…Always seemed a nice man tho’?

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