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    Liz Jackson

    Is it just me or has there been a dramatic downturn in the interest in local politics. Come Friday morning we will know which two candidates will be representing Wrexham and South Clwyd. If the predicted 35% turnout is correct whoever is elected will only have aprox 15% of the total potential votes. Of course this is democratic and only the electors who don’t vote are to blame for the result.
    As you talk with people in a wide range of settings there is a real level of apathy – there are very few placards on display, gone are the days when supporters would walk around with rosettes signally who they wanted to win. The quality of the information in most of the election leaflets was sparse to say the least and certainly nothing to grab your attention as having any inspirational solutions for Wales.
    Look at all of the good covcerage on Wrexham.com and make your mind up to go to vote on Thursday



    I was talking to someone last week who was moaning about long waits for GP’s appointments and the disgrace that ambulances were queued up outside A&E. After a while they revealed they had NEVER voted in any election ! Their reason , ” my vote would make no difference.” If the 60-70 % who failed to use their vote last time, did to go and vote next Thursday May 5th then we could see real change ! Don’t let apathy top the pole !



    Should be don’t let apathy top the POLL !!


    Council Watcher

    Apathy is the cause of so many failings in society with people turning a blind eye to so many things. We just don’t seem to realise that every vote has a value can can make a difference- our elected representatives can always be brought to account during each election time.

    I hope in next years Local Government election ‘Save Wrexham’ or other group will surge forward and knock some of the existing Councillors off their perch in the Guildhall. It’s time for change make sure you are part of it and we can start moving to being proud of Wrexham again.


    Personally I don’t think its a case of apathy, more that people just can’t be bothered and also it…………..

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