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It strikes me as quite possible that Tory supporters completely fail to grasp the concept of a neutral press. Unless they are having pro-Blue shit shovelled down their throat by the likes of the Sun, Mail, Express, Times and Telegraph singing the praises of May et al they don’t like it. So even neutral publications and online sites get accused of being Anti-Tory (and by idiot logic hanging their colours to Labour) just because they aren’t towing the Government propaganda line. The very fact that Dick copied and pasted Guido Fawkes verbatim shows that on this occasion it is us who are having to suffer Tory bias and lies.

Make no mistake, myself and many other forum posters are pro-Labour, but I’d say by setting up a local election debate so that candidates from all parties in Wrexham and Clwyd South were able to get their voices heard, was a fair and neutral thing to do. Nobody else was prepared to set that up locally. If was exclusively a Tory bashing outlet I believe a large number of the local population would be alienated which would diminish the effectiveness of the site as a come one, come all in Wrexham to participate and have your view expressed, which I believe is the spirit of hyper-local news and social media.