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It is very surprising that article about Ian Lucas wanting to stand again for being an MP has a photo taken at the Rhosddu Park Family Funday of children posing for a photo with him as he was the Easter Bonnet judge. The event non political yet Mr Lucas has chosen to use a photo of children (probably without their parents consent) as part of the launch of his campaign to retain his parliamentary seat.
It is very low when a politician exploits an innocent photo opportunity completely unconnected with politics as campaigning imagery- shame on him. should withdraw the photo unless there is evidence that parental consent for all of the children has been gained.

Spefically, under the title of your thread “general election candidate looking for photo opportunities”, you pass comment(and judgement) regarding ONE photograph used by Ian Lucas you say (but clarified by Rob) as part of his election campaign.

However, you conveniently choose not to mention the multitude of self promoted photographs of Atkinson that appear almost on a daily basis, the vast majority of which are not connected with politics in any way, shape or form, but used solely for the purpose of self aggrandisement.

I think the only two photos that we haven’t seen of that man are him combing his hair or having a crap.

At least be objective!