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Default Re: Waiting Times In Ambulances at Maelor Hospital

Originally Posted by wrexview View Post
The bottom line is always money or the lack of it. It makes me wonder whether we would be better paying for prescriptions. Now before everyone shoots me down in flames , remember children , pensioners and certain diseases all have free prescriptions and there was always an option to buy an annual subscription. When free prescriptions were introduced the cost was 30 million per year , I wonder how much it is now? My point is could this money be put to be use in the Welsh Health Service ?
Paying for prescriptions is why I never took any of the medication I was prescribed lol. But I do see where you are coming from. Money is always going to be the biggest issue our health service faces and lets be honest, there are a lot of things that go on within the NHS that could be completely abolished. I also think that those who are really high earners should be made to go private. The money it would cost them would be mere peanuts to them. And I know I would probably get shot down in flames lol.. but the likes of politicians should go private for the money they earn.
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