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Bring Your Own…..Food!! A Pub with a Difference

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Aug 15th, 2011.

We’re constantly hearing about the economic downturn, how the outlook is bleak and everything that goes with that. For business owners its about how you react; do you ignore the issues, keep trading as usual and hope things get better? Do you decide the economic climate will be too challenging to compete in? Or, do you decide to do something different, something to set your business apart from another and thus give yourself the best chance of survival?

Sometimes the subtle changes can be the most noticeable, and the ones that allow a business to flourish. I discovered one such change on a recent trip to a pub on the Wrexham High Street, The Royal Oak. The pub is very much an establishment for the more cultured beer drinker, priding itself on the local cask ales on tap. Nothing unusual about that – but what was unusual were the signs inviting patrons to bring their own food into the pub, be it sandwich, burger or otherwise!

Providing the opportunity to sample some local ale alongside your own food is nothing out the ordinary, but is something that sets the Royal Oak apart from other establishments on a congested High Street. Oh, and by the way, the beer was excellent – and you can even visit the quaint, almost hidden beer garden at the back of the pub for good measure.

The Royal Oak is one in a chain of Shropshire-based brewery Joule’s. For more details visit http://www.joulesbrewery.co.uk/ or to sample a variety of Joule’s ales visit The Royal Oak on Wrexham High Street.

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