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How to see Perseid Meteors & the International Space Station in Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Aug 12th, 2012.

Wrexhamites can join in some easy access astronomy this evening as two space events are due to occur!

The International Space Station (ISS) is due to pass over at 21:49 and 23:26 this evening, in an unusually bright fly by.

If you keep your gaze skywards you will be about to spot some Perseids! These are parts of the trail of a meteor called Swift-Tuttle, and have been hitting the earths atmosphere for around 2000 years. They are called Perseids as they come from the constellation Perseus.

If like us you look up at the sky and just see alot of stars and are unsure which stars link together to become which constellation then tonights show is probably for you!

To view all you need to do is look upwards, ideally around 11pm-3am, and look out for ‘shooting stars’ which could be very short bright streaks or if you are lucky a bigger fireball style meteor!

If you are looking for the ISS it can look like a plane, but with no lights, as it travels very quickly. It will start from the west going east.

We tried to look last night however it was quite cloudy, but hopefully tonight will be much clearer and its peak time for the Perseids so fingers crossed!

There can be alot of ambient light, or light pollution, in and around town so if its possible to get out somewhere darker then its well worth it. If you cant, you should still be able to see something!

If you manage to grab pictures – tweet us @wrexham , or email them in to news@wrexham.com

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