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The Empty Shops Of Regent Street

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jun 14th, 2012.

We have taken a walk down Regent Street in the town centre to document and highlight the empty shops that currently feature in the heart of Wrexham. This was triggered by news that Clintons Cards was the latest to close on the street – as pictured below.

The following is encompassed in just over 300 meters of street from the ‘top’ end of Regent Street by the turning for King St to the ‘bottom’ where the old Marks and Spencer was (now a discount store) and Regent St turns into Church St.

We would encourage readers to view the images below and think about the questions we pose below.

We have seen concern on our forums, twitter and in the town of when the shops do get replaced its often with ‘pound shops’ or ‘discount’ style shops such as these:

We would you to let us know your strategy to be to rejuvenate the central shopping street in Wrexham, and perhaps post up what you believe has caused such issues in this area of town.

To take part, you can view the forum debate thread here and post your thoughts to debate with other wrexhamites.

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