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Eagles Meadow Shenanigans

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Jun 9th, 2012.

Here at Wrexham.com we keep an eye out for stuff todo with Wrexham, and have spotted some videos on Youtube that give another side to a popular area of town – namely Eagles Meadow. Eagles Meadow is known for its shops , entertainment and food outlets however it also seems that the enterprising people of Wrexham have found other uses for the slopes and escalators within it.

Escalator Spinning is a technique where opposite escalators can spin someone, or something thats place on top:

Underneath Eagles Meadow is two floors of carparks, which have been exploited by this pair of ruffians to race supermarket trollies. Sadly for the one in red, his trolly has no brakes:

Another escalator one now, where a ‘superman’ re-enactment is created using Eagles Meadows premier moving walkways:

Perhaps the most death defying is this young lady braving all to cross the ‘Eagles Meadow Rapids’:

Of course we cannot recommend copying any of the above videos, as they appear to be either very dangerous or potentially painful, or both!

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