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Comedian Rob Rouse to bring his ‘Life Sentences’ Tour to Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 8th, 2012.

Later this month Rob Rouse will bring his unique brand of humour to Wrexham when he takes to the stage at Glyndwr University. A former Geography Teacher, Rouse emerged as a talented stand up at the Edinburgh Festival and in recent years has notched up numerous TV and radio credits including Channel 4’s 8 out of 10 cats. We caught up with Rob as he talked bad teaching, the Edinburgh Festival and why he’s become a radical feminist!
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What can the people of Wrexham expect from your show later this month?

The same as everywhere else on the tour! The tour is called Life Sentences and looks at family life, work, children and the vicious circle it can create. Since having a daughter I’ve also become a radical feminist – which will become a bit clearer in the show itself…

Do you see stand up as an outlet from family life or is it still a nerve-wracking experience?

You always have nerves when you’re about to go on stage but I don’t really panic in the run up to a show. I find stand up quite a cathartic experience, it makes me feel better and most importantly everyone goes home feeling better!

Prior to being a full-time comedian you were a Geography Teacher, what made you change direction to comedy?

I was never a good teacher to be honest. I could never be serious for long and I was very young too, there was probably a rebellion against having to be so sensible and responsible. Teaching is one of the most important professions out there and I think I knew that.

I was actually in a play when something clicked and I found I could make people laugh!

You first came onto the comedy scene at the Edinburgh Festival which is known for being pretty ‘out there’. How has the festival influenced your stand up?

Edinburgh is brilliant. When I first started there it was very different to how it is now. In recent years the festival has become much more conservative and corporate. That said it’s still a great place to visit and I’d encourage everyone to go if they haven’t been.

Your tour Life Sentences extends well into December. How do you keep your energy and motivation up on a lengthy tour?

Well it comes naturally really and I’ve actually been a comic for 14 years now! Even when I’m not on tour I’m always doing shows and if anything I prefer to tour because the shows are that much longer and more enjoyable. One of the things I like about touring is taking the show to people rather than them coming to me (at a festival or otherwise).

Finally, Wrexham is a little bit starved of comedy compared to nearby towns and cities. Can you do what you can to encourage more comedians to come to Wrexham?!

If loads of people come to the show on the 25th I will spread the word!!!!

Image by Andy Hollingworth


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