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North Wales Police Commissioner Election Candidates

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Oct 26th, 2012.

Today has seen the first official election statements by those wanting your vote to enable them to become North Wales Police Commissioner. We wrote on Monday how terrible the information process is for this election (read here) so we are reproducing the election statements from ChooseMyPCC.org.uk below. (At the time of writing the ChooseMyPCC site is currently down saying ‘cloudflare’ cannot provide a cached copy – so doubly down!)

The confirmed candidates are:

  • HIBBS, Richard Antony Bruce (Annibynnol/Independent)
  • MICHAEL, Tal (Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru)
  • McCABE, Colm Anthony (Welsh Conservative Party Candidate/Ymgeisydd Plaid Geidwadol Cymru)
  • NICHOLSON, Warwick (UK Independence Party/Plaid Annibyniaeth y DU)
  • RODDICK, Winston (Annibynnol/Independent)


Richard Hibbs
“Britain has the finest police in the world, but it no longer feels like it. Everywhere there is a growing realisation that today’s politicians cannot solve the problems that young people growing up in our communities face. Crime still produces a mixture of fear, anger and disgust. But these have become the same emotions that the police response (or perceived lack of it) provokes in us:

Too often the police arrive too late or not at all, as a result of a basic mismatch between supply and demand on the ground.
Policing is no longer responsive to local needs. Strategically, it has been hijacked by political parties, inappropriate use of technology and a breakdown in the presumption of innocence.
The original ethos of policing has been replaced by a bureaucratic obsession with risk.
Rather than hold the force to account for this triple-whammy, North Wales Police Authority has made whopping excuses for a range of fundamentally unproductive working practices.

Less than half of people affected are satisfied with the police response to Anti-Social Behaviour in North Wales, which is significantly worse than in other forces. Yet the police underspent their own front line budget by £8 million last year! North Wales Police has the highest Police Precept of any police force outside London and cash reserves of £40 million. Is it a police force or a bank?

We need zero tolerance on drugs, police stations where WE want them, and a £20 rebate.

Richard Hibbs the only candidate prepared to tell the truth about the consequences of police action – and inaction! So join him and send a message to the Chief Constable – vote for RICHARD HIBBS!”

Tal Michael
“My first priority is to stand up for our communities against the Tory/Lib-Dem 20% cuts to policing, which are undermining the ability of the police to respond to issues and to engage with our communities.

Until six months ago I was Chief Executive of North Wales Police Authority. I saw firsthand the damage the government inWestminsteris doing to policing. This new post of Commissioner requires someone with integrity who will build a consensus on the way forward and work with local people, the police and elected representatives across politics – which is what I have been doing in various non-political roles.

I am proud to have the support of the Labour Party – a party that believes that we can achieve more by working together than we can on our own and which by investing in community policing secured a drop in crime of over 40%.

I want to put victims and witnesses at the heart of policing and the criminal justice system: I want them to be supported and the most vulnerable prioritised. I want them to be kept informed and to have an effective voice in the system. What most people who become a victim want is action to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We need the police to prevent crime and reduce reoffending. The best organisations learn from their mistakes. I want the police to be open and honest with people when they get things wrong and to put things right.

If elected, I’ll be out and about talking to local people and local police officers in the communities which suffer most from crime and making sure that they are working together to solve problems.”

Colm McCabe
“Colm McCabe – Welsh Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for North Wales Having left his native Ireland in his early twenties, Colm is a long standing resident of Summerhill, Wrexham and is now a Welsh Citizen. He is married to Dawn, from California, and they have two sons, Leo(4) and Fionn(2). Colm served as a Special Constable with the North Wales Police and was appointed Chief Officer, Special Constabulary in 2011.

Colm is a founder of Empowering Youth Foundation, a charity dedicated to teaching life skills and values to young people through participation in sport. Colm’s first policing priority is to tackle the scourge that is the drug culture on communities across North Wales. Colm has a zero tolerance approach to drug use, sale and supply and commits to ensuring that more resources will be dedicated to the fight against drugs to take drug dealers off our streets and out of our communities. If elected Colm is committed to introducing targeted patrols in areas where instances of anti social behaviour are prevalent.

We must recognise the mistakes of the past when it comes to reckless and dangerous driving. Road use and driver behaviour is something that affects every citizen in North Wales; therefore it must be a priority for the Police.

Disorderly and rowdy behaviour in the early hours of the morning after licence premises are closed is a problem right across north Wales and I am committed to tackling this problem.

Colm is committed to leading and supporting the excellent work North Wales Police Officers do day and night to ensure that North Wales is a safer place for all our citizens.”

Warwick Nicholson
“Your police force will soon be governed by a Police and Crime Commissioner. This new post requires a proven understanding of the nuts and bolts of Policing, and the ability to liaise with and relate to the Public on all levels.

I bring to the position 31 years of Police experience at the sharp end, having served with three Police Forces and rising to the rank of Inspector. I understand the need for the Police to always have the confidence of the Public, and I have sadly witnessed this confidence steadily eroded over the past 20 years.

If elected, I will ensure that Policing priorities are set in line with the wishes and needs of the community, rather than targets driven from Whitehall. One example is the speed camera policy where revenue raising has taken priority over crime and hooliganism.

I understand that the motorist is not Public enemy number one, and if the only interaction the Public has with the Police is being fined for doing a few miles over the speed limit, any good will the Public has with the Police force will quickly disappear.

I will ensure that people who assist the Police are protected. Those who violate the homes and the peace of law-abiding people will be swiftly and severely dealt with.

The drug problem, from which much low-level crime comes, will be addressed. I will use my position to lobby government to make the punishment fit the crime and the criminal. Prison works, but only if the criminals are in it.

The Public should respect the law, and Criminals should fear it.”

Winston Roddick
“To ensure the best police service for the people of North Wales we need a commissioner who can act independently of political interference. We need a champion for the police service who understands the demands of modern policing in this area. I began my career as a constable on the beat in Liverpool and then became a barrister, Queen’s Counsel, Recorder of the Crown Court and Wales’ first Counsel General. I have always acted independently and in the interests of justice.

I will increase the visibility of the police and ensure security at home and safety in public places .

I will make the right decisions on policing and crime in North Wales and be accountable for them.

I will put the needs of the ratepayers at the top of my priorities and work with the Chief Constable, officers and staff to ensure the best possible service. I will reach out and work across North Wales to ensure that the service develops partnerships both inside and outside the criminal justice system.

I have seen the devastating effects of crime on individual victims and communities. I know what a difficult job the police have and understand the need for effective and strong sentencing.

The police should be more visible in towns and villages across North Wales and rural police stations should only be closed as a very last resort.

We need to protect the service from devastating cuts and worrying proposals from Westminster for privatising police work.

If elected, I will do my utmost to protect our police service and ensure that the right decisions are taken for the communities of North Wales.”


Elections are held on November 15th and if you have any questions the returning officer is Colin Everett contactable on 01352 702329 or elections@flintshire.gov.uk / etholidau@siryfflint.gov.uk

Wrexham.com’s PCC Frequently Asked Questions:

So what is an elected Police and Crime Commissioner?
This is the first time this role exists and it replaces the local police authority. The aim is that they dont run the police rather represent you in holding the police to account for the public. The practical examples given are:

  • Produce a police and crime plan setting out local policing priorities.
  • Set the local policing budget and decide how money will be spent.
  • Appoint chief constables and remove them where needed.

When is the vote taking place?
Thursday 15 November 2012 a nationwide (except London) vote will take place. You need to be registered to vote by the 31st of October though or you cant vote.

How does the vote take place?
It is preference based ‘supplementary vote system’ so you will put a X in the first choice column, and a X in your second choice column.

Who is standing?
Nominations will open 8 October 2012 and close 19 October 2012, currently three people have declared their interest in running. We will publish the list of candidates as soon as they are finalised. Its worth noting that to stand a person needs to have a 100 signatures of people registered to vote in the area they are standing, plus a £5000 deposit.

When someone is elected when do they take over?
The vote is on 15th November and they take office on the 22nd of November!

How much do they get paid?
They are elected for four years, getting £70,000 a year so a total of £280,000 is up for grabs. The £70k figure is one of the lowest in the country, as its dependant on force size and other factors. The winner of the West Yorkshire election will get £100,000 a year for example. The lowest is £65,000 a year for the likes of Cumbria.



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