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Offa Election Candidates Question and Answer

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Apr 10th, 2012.

We here at Wrexham.com sent written letters to all 130 odd candidates in the local Wrexham Council elections this year, and here are the replies! If there is not a reply on here from a candidate, we didnt get one before the week of the 23rd April. If you are a candidate or voter reading this join in the debate or let us know what you think in our Wrexham Forums!

Offa – 1 Seat

Jenkins – Welsh Liberal Democrats

Lipka – Welsh Conservatives

Oliver – Welsh Labour


Lipka – Welsh Conservatives

1 – Which party do you align yourself with, and why? (Or if non aligned, why not?)

Welsh Conservatives. Because only with this party the future of Wrexham will be changed for better. Welsh Conservatives are helping people back to work, opening new businesses and helping to improve local community.

2 – What will be your first personal priority or aim if you were elected?

My first priority will be to focus on every problem mentioned by voters during canvassing. Change unpleasant and dangerous view of Pen Y Bryn Area, traffic calming and pedestrians crossing on Ruabon Road, parking spaces on narrow streets of Offa and many more.

3 – Why do you personally want to be a councillor when so often you just get blamed for problems beyond your control?

I want to be a councillor because I love solving the problems, helping people and community of Wrexham. I have many new and fresh ideas which I would like to implement.

4 – Many politicians and local councillors are accused of bring out of touch with voters. What will you do to ensure you stay ‘in touch’?

To be in touch with voters I will regularly visit the streets of Offa to speak to people and listen to their concerns about community issues as I was doing during canvassing. I will be having community meetings as often as people need it. I will be using new technologies, which helps with easier and faster communication. Smart phone and internet will help to ease contact with me.

5 – How do you plan to tackle or prevent anti-social behaviour in your local area?

Working closely with the Police to prevent anti-social behaviour. Find out which areas have records of most anti-social behaving and will try to organise special facilities for young people to help them to spend their energy through sport.

6 – Do you think any local authority has the means to improve economic and job opportunities? And if you do, what do you think the priority actions should be?

Yes, I do. Local authority should have impact to improve economy of the area and should do all best working closely with existing businesses to create new job opportunities for people. Keep Industrial Estate’s around Wrexham as busy as possible, this will create jobs. I agree that there should be zero rates for new businesses. Council tax should be lower. Free training for people who are looking for jobs.

7 – What do you think has been the best decision taken by the council in the last four years?

Link road to the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

8 – What do you think has been the worst decision taken by the council in the last four years?

The city status bid (waste of Taxpayers money).

9 – What is your favourite place to visit or favourite thing to do in the local area?

My favourite place to visit is pushbike ride with family around Erddig Park.

10 – If you had to pick your best memory connected to Wrexham, what would it be?

When I moved to Wrexham. It was the best decision I made.


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