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Hermitage Election Candidates Question and Answer

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Apr 10th, 2012.

We here at Wrexham.com sent written letters to all 130 odd candidates in the local Wrexham Council elections this year, and here are the replies! Where there is no reply below from a candidate, we did not receive one before the week of the 23rd April. If you are a candidate or voter reading this join in the debate or let us know what you think in our Wrexham Forums!

Hermitage (1 seat)
James – Independent
Jones – Plaid Cymru
Ottley-Thistlehwaite – Not stated
Rogers – Welsh Labour
Williams – Welsh Liberal Democrats

Jones – Plaid Cymru

1 – Which party do you align yourself with, and why? (Or if non aligned, why not?)

Plaid Cymru because it is the only party that puts Wales first. Our policies are locally created to fit local problems not a one size fits all approach of policies sent down from Westminster. I am not standing as an independent because I feel that one voice on it’s own achieves very little, political parties were invented for a very good reason.

2 – What will be your first personal priority or aim if you were elected?

To get a consensus of support behind opposing the proposed development of 12,000 unaffordable houses over the next 10 years, threatening every green space in Wrexham and destroying the hole character of the town.

3 – Why do you personally want to be a councillor when so often you just get blamed for problems beyond your control?

I feel that it’s no good just sitting at home complaining about things you have to make a difference. If people think I am wrong then they can tell me and we will discuss it. Part of the roll of a councillor is to try to make that uncaring bureaucracy that is the council work for the people it is supposed to serve. When the council messes up it is usually councillors that have to carry the can. It is the councillors job to scrutinise what the council does. That can be made easier if people tell them what they think.

4 – Many politicians and local councillors are accused of bring out of touch with voters. What will you do to ensure you stay ‘in touch’?

I feel it is important for councillors to put out regular news letters with their contact details as well as taking part in community events and having street surgeries. All Plaid councillors already do this.

5 – How do you plan to tackle or prevent anti-social behaviour in your local area?

Anti social behaviour is something that needs to be tacked as a community. The more activities that go on for young people to do at night the less trouble there is. I think we need to involve young people in the decision making processes around this issue through groups like Funky Dragon. I have seen first hand how sport can help and we need people to volunteer to help in these activities.

6 – Do you think any local authority has the means to improve economic and job opportunities? And if you do, what do you think the priority actions should be?

We need to make sure that a minimum of 75% of council contracts go to local Welsh companies. At the moment only 35% of contracts go to firms in Wales. I would also like to see the council set up traineeships for unemployed 16-18 year olds.

7 – What do you think has been the best decision taken by the council in the last four years?

I think the decision to put solar panels on council housing was a stroke of genius that not only helps the tenants directly cutting their bills but also indirectly as all the profit from the excess electricity an estimated 1 million pound a year back into the housing revenue account.

8 – What do you think has been the worst decision taken by the council in the last four years?

On the other hand the decision to replace Kitchens and bathrooms in council houses on the basis of the oldest houses first is totally unfair. What they should have done was commission a stock condition survey and replaced the worst ones first.

9 – What is your favourite place to visit or favourite thing to do in the local area?

My favourite place to visit in Wrexham is the Racecourse to see Wrexham FC and North Wales Crusaders RL.

10 – If you had to pick your best memory connected to Wrexham, what would it be?

Wales 4 England 1 British Home International Championship 17 May 1980

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