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Borras Election Candidates Question and Answer

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Apr 18th, 2012.

We here at Wrexham.com sent written letters to all 130 odd candidates in the local Wrexham Council elections this year, and here are the replies! Where there is no reply below from a candidate, we did not receive one before the week of the 23rd April. If you are a candidate or voter reading this join in the debate or let us know what you think in our Wrexham Forums!

Borras Park (1 seat)
Kelly – Welsh Liberal Democrats
McCabe – Welsh Conservative Party (answered below)
Thomas – Welsh Labour


Colm McCabe – Welsh Conservative Party

1 – Which party do you align yourself with, and why? (Or if non aligned, why not?)

Welsh Conservatives. I believe in Local Control of Local Issues wherever possible. How can Government Ministers in London or Cardiff possibly understand the specific needs of the voters and constituents in Wrexham and other towns?

2 – What will be your first personal priority or aim if you were elected?

My Priorities are High Visibility Policing and Issues which affect families with young children.
I will campaign to have our schools in Wales funded to the same level as shools in England. It is disgraceful that schools in England get £604 per child more funding than our schools in Wales and that we are languishing at the bottom of EU league tables on Education.

3 – Why do you personally want to be a councillor when so often you just get blamed for problems beyond your control?

My 3 year old boy starts school in September and I have reached a stage in my life whereby I want to have a say in relation to the issues which affect his education and the communities in which I live and work.

4 – Many politicians and local councillors are accused of bring out of touch with voters. What will you do to ensure you stay ‘in touch’?

Speak to people and ask them for their concerns and issues. Go to their houses. ‘Roll up my sleeves’ and take a personal involvement in resolving issues.

5 – How do you plan to tackle or prevent anti-social behaviour in your local area?

I will encourage highly visible Policing. I will also tackle anti-social behaviour by personally speaking to those responsible and by explaining the effect their actions are having on sometimes older residents and young families. I will also seek out other things for young people to do (e.g. local youth clubs, sports clubs etc).

6 – Do you think any local authority has the means to improve economic and job opportunities? And if you do, what do you think the priority actions should be?

Yes, local authorities can play their part in many ways. It is important that we fight to encourage local businesses and create an environment whereby businesses can grow and thrive. I will reach out to existing businesses to expand in Wrexham and to new businesses to choose Wrexham as a great place for business.
7 – What do you think has been the best decision taken by the council in the last four years?

I think it was great that the council voted to oppose the Planning Inspector’s decision to dictate the number of houses to be built in Wrexham. I think we should go further and reject, out of hand, the Welsh Assembly’s standpoint on central control of the Planning System. Welsh Construction companies going across the border to England to build houses where the planning decisions are made locally. What do Ministers in Cardiff know about housing needs in Wrexham and where they should be built??

8 – What do you think has been the worst decision taken by the council in the last four years?

The City Status bid demonstrated how out of touch many current councillors are with the voters of Wrexham. What is wrong with being known as the largest town in North Wales and a thriving Market Town. That is what we are and what we are proud to be!!

9 – What is your favourite place to visit or favourite thing to do in the local area?

I like to attend events organised in Erddig with my family. The River Dee and the canals have so much to offer too, Trevor Aqueduct, Ty Mawr Country Park and walks around Llangollen.

10 – If you had to pick your best memory connected to Wrexham, what would it be?

Unfortunately I will not be picking just one memory! My two children, Leo(3) and Fionn(1) were born in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. All my best memories of Wrexham relate to doing things and visiting local places with my family.

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